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Yes! We are looking for you.

We encourage you to write your own article and submit it to us and be a part of our Team.

If you’re interested, shout out your thoughts, inspirations & knowledge, write with us! To contribute to, read the guidelines below on how to submit your article.

Anything. Everything.

When we say so, we literally mean anything under the sun. We crave for controversial and unique topics. Be creative. Inspiring articles which may influence others are highly recommended.

We love to publish articles like:

  • How to / Do It Yourself Guides / Techniques – Tips and tricks on anything that you have accomplished.
  • You Opinions and/or Complaints – More like the editorial section of a newspaper. This must be supported by your own experience.
  • Travel Experiences – Share you weekend getaway retreat. Of course, photos of you and the place is required.
  • Photography and Designs – Showcase your talent by submitting at least three designs or photo.
  • Photo/Story – a single photo and a brief story behind it.
  • Interviews & Biography – Subject for a very strict approval. The person should be worthy to be featured. Examples are, your College Dean, your Favorite Professor, you Boss or Company CEO.
  • Hitlists – Top 10 or Top 20 Top 432,287 of anything you want to list down. Just pick a very interesting subject.
  • And other valuable information you want to share to the entire world wide web.

Please note that when you write your article, keep in mind that it should be interesting and relevant. Articles with selfish reason and “It’s all about Me. Me. ME!” kind of writing will be disregarded. Remember that you are not writing in your personal blog. As long as it’s worth reading, interesting, relevant to others and unique.


We only accept original articles. As an author, you retain the copyrights of your article. You still own it, we just publish it.

Clear as Water.

Article should be unbiased and have a minimum of 1000 words. With regards to How-to articles, this should be as clear as the water since this is a tutorial to help and guide the readers.

We do not steal.

Images can be used as long as the owner of the image permits you to do so. In the event of using other people’s image, a written or screenshot of his/her approval is required. We encourage you to use stock photos from,, &

How and Where.

Articles can be submitted with the following format:

  • MS word (Highly Recommended)
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Plain Text

You may send it to [email protected]. After sending, kindly wait for the confirmation if we received your entry and you’ll be notified ASAP if your work has been reviewed and chosen to be published .

We are looking forward to read your articles!