You asked: Where can I find my BPI Account Number in my BPI ATM Card?

You can find your BPI Account Number by simply looking at your BPI ATM Card. Can you spot the series of the numbers in BPI ATM card? That’s not just any random numbers carved on your BPI ATM Card. The numbers inscribed are your BPI ATM Card Number, BPI Account number and your Joint Account Indicator.

BPI ATM Card Number is a unique 16-digit number embossed on card.

BPI Account Number is a standard numbering system assigned by BPI to a bank account holder.

Joint Account Indicator (JAI) is a 2-digit number placed on the right bottom corner in front of your ATM card.

Todays tutorial is about locating our respective BPI Bank Account in our BPI ATM Cards. Let’s go and take a look:

For cards issued effective May 27, 2004, you may get your Account number at the back of your BPI ATM Cards. 
BPI Account Numbers issued May 2004

For cards issued before May 27, 2004, you may get your Account number infront of your BPI ATM Card.

BPI International ATM Card Account Number

BPI Family Bank Express Teller ATM Card Account Number

BPI Express Teller ATM Card Account Number

BPI Direct ATM Card Account Number

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