How You Can Easily View Your Meralco Bill Online

Having so many things to do and a very busy lifestyle, I never had the time to even go to my Meralco Branch every month just to pay my monthly Meralco bill.

I told myself that it would be easier for me to pay my Meralco Bill through Online bank transfer. That was great and really convenient and I’ve been doing that for several months now. I just waited for the postman to arrive and hand over my Meralco Bill, make some few clicks and turns and voila, I’m already paid my Meralco Bill through BPI Bills Payment Online.

But due to boredom after a very long vacation from my dead end job, I manage to discover that Meralco has an online facility that makes its customer able to view their monthly Meralco Bills Online ahead of time. This concept was not new to us. But this is the first time I visited their website.

I believe that having my Meralco Bill Online account makes it easier for me since I can just forget the hard copy of my Meralco bill which the postman delivers to my house monthly. Well, I just need to keep the Meralco Bill since all that I need on that paper is the current amount due of my Meralco bill.

Start using your own Meralco Bill Online

One of the requirements in registering your own Meralco Account Online is you should have a valid email address and your recent Meralco Bill or at least it is dated for the current year. It requires you to have your Service ID Number and the Amount Due which you can easily found in your Meralco bill. Once you’ve gathered all the require information, visit the Meralco Website for Customers.

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 1

On the left side menu, click on the Meralco E-bill link

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image2

Click on the New User link found at the bottom of your screen to register an account.

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 3

Read the Terms and Conditions if you prefer to waste your time then click I Agree.

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 4

On the next page, type in correctly your Meralco Service ID (SIN) Number, the Bill date (can be found in your Meralco Bill) and the Amount Due. Double check the required fields that you’ve just provided and then click Enroll.

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 5

In the User Information page, enter your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Birth date, Address, Telephone Number, your preferred Login Name and your preferred password.

Select any Hint Question and Answer that can you can easily remember whenever your Meralco account gets locked.

In Subscription portion of the page, you can select if (1) you want to be notified through email whenever your current Meralco Bill Online is available, (2) notify you through email whenever the due date of your current Meralco Bill is near and (3) notify you through email about the Meralco news and updates.

In my case, I only subscribe for the first two features and leave the third one unsubscribe. Lastly, provide a valid email address then click the “Enroll” button.

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 6

Once your registration is successful, you will be now directed to this page (image above).

You are given two options here, it’s either you view your Service Data by click the link in the sentence:

Click here to view your Service Data now.

Or click Return to the Login Page if you want to try out your username and password.

I will now view my Service Data since I am pretty sure that my Username and Password is working.

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 7

In the dashboard, I can see the Service ID Number (SIN) Number I just enrolled. You can add several Service ID Number (SIN) Number here if you have several residences and bills to pay.

If I click on the Service ID Number (SIN) Number link, you can see the Meralco Service Identification Details about the owner of the Meralco meter. This is the information about the person who is registered in Meralco. In my case, the name of the person I can see is my Land Lord (well, because he’s the one who registered my apartment Meralco Electricity Meter in Meralco.)

View your Meralco Bill Online - Image

Moving on, at the top portion of the screen, the menu is composed of several links. I will click on the Billing History to view current and past Meralco Bills.

The page will display Twelve (12) months of Meralco Bills. Each month displays the Amount of the Meralco bill and the amount Kilowatt Hour Consumed (Consumption (kWh). It will also display if the bill is already paid or in Collectible Status. Collectible simply means the bill is still unpaid.

View your Meralco Bill Online - Image

If I click on the Date link, a pop up window will appear and display the Meralco Bill duplicate. You can print this if you want to but it’s total waste of my time and ink so I’ll just skip that part. Besides, I already have my Meralco bill delivered to my doorstep monthly.

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 9

Going back to the top main menu, when I click the Option link, it will display the account maintenance page. You can do Account management stuffs around here such as:

  • Change Password
  • Change Hint Question
  • Update Personal Information
  • Enroll Another Service
  • View Another Service
  • Unsubscribe

You’re a grown up now, do whatever you want!

View Your Meralco Bill Online - Image 10

Lastly, whenever you have disputes or complains about your Meralco bill, the first thing to do is go to your Meralco branch and start asking question. The Meralco Customer service will log a Customer Complain. If you have a Meralco Online account, your Customer Complain will be displayed here. I guess the most important detail here are the Status of your Meralco Complain and the date it was received.

This is viewable using the Complaints link at the top menu.

So that’s it, my job is done here! A good and much needed move (for me), having my Meralco Bill viewable online right? This coming months, I don’t need to wait for the Meralco Bill to arrive. I’ll just log in to my Meralco Bill Online Account, see how much is my Meralco Bill then pay it using my BPI Express Online Bill Payment Facility. It would make my life easier.

Do you find this thing convenient for you? Hit us in the comments section!

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3 Responses to How You Can Easily View Your Meralco Bill Online

  1. Jessie says:

    I could not enrol my account in this facility… it is always saying wrong account or wrong captcha… hmmmm frustrating….

  2. Estrellita P Javier SIN 406226170101 says:

    ref above the usage was 122 kwh
    on your statement, actual bill can be viewed on e- meralco bill but the format screen do not have vs the sample I saw. I tried to call but to no avail. Please adv the total cost and balance from my deposited money.
    please also adv how to have login because I live here in SG and relying on this e commerce transaction.

    meralco reference no 01726341792140813514082808

    thank you and hope to hear from you.
    kind regards

  3. rowena j. arugay says:

    How can I see my bill in of this month