SSS Online Inquiry: Check Your Total Actual Contributions in Few Easy Steps!

The Social Security System (SSS) is an independent agency of the Philippine Government that administers Social Security, a social insurance program consisting of Sickness, Maternity, Retirement, Disability, Death & Funeral, and Short Term Loans. To qualify for these benefits, most Filipino workers pay Social Security contribution through Compensation Income or Income derived from Self Employment. The future benefits are based on the employees’ contributions.

Being a member of SSS, awareness should be practiced to make sure that our precious contribution is directly credited to our individual accounts. There are  lots of cases wherein an Employer skips,  intentionally or otherwise,the employee’s contribution to SSS. To prevent this from happening, everyone is advised to verify their contributions. To do this, SSS opened its service to the masses by providing us My.SSS. It is a self service portal provided to every SSS member to exclusively access their contribution and membership records.

A good friend of mine asked me how to use this, I said, “…just google it on how to”. He replied to me, “I can’t find a decent tutorial for this, kid”. To cut the story short, here I am, making a more “decent and comprehensive” tutorial on how to verify/check your total actual contribution in SSS and other matters that, I think, is useful inside the SSS Website.

If you know how to use Facebook, SSS Online is just like commenting on a senseless post.

First Things First!

Before we start, you need few things first. I need you to have the following:

  • Your SSS Number – you can get it in your machine-validated SSS E1 Form (usually in pink colored paper with few machine-validated numbers and inked stamped and of course your thumb marks.) Without this, forget about this blog. I’m sorry to say that you can’t continue your SSS online registration.
  • A Valid Email Address – SSS.Gov.PH will email the default password to open your account. You can change the given password to anything you like after your first successful log in.


You have everything that we need, So Let’s Go! I need you to go visit SSS.Gov.PH. When you arrive at the website, in the menu bar, look for “My.SSS”. It will show a list, Select and Click “Register”.  Having trouble already? Just follow the image below:

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

Right after clicking the “Register” button, it will lead you to this page. Select if you are a Member (Employees, mostly) or Employer.

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

We’re ready now to fill up the online form: Fill the necessary details and be careful, enter the correct personal information. The form includes: Your SS Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, your valid Email Address and the random word written inside the box (Captcha).

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

When you received your password, go back to SSS.Gov.Ph User Log In Page. Use the log in details indicated in the email sent by the SSS Website. When you successfully logged in to your account, this page will appear.

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

We’ll go straight to Online Inquiry, click it to Start verifying your SSS Contribution. It will open a new window that looks like this one:

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

Under “Member Info” go to “Actual Premiums”.

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

The website will instantly show you your Total Actual Contributions remitted by your current employer and your previous employer  (if applicable). In my case, I started working January 2004 and every month starting 2004 is properly remitted and reflected in my records, I can say that it’s correct knowing that my monthly contribution is P1,560.

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

Loan Status and Loan Eligibility

My.SSS comes has many purpose. It also provides  us other important informations such as Loan Status and Loan Eligibility. This part is very helpful especially to those members who’s planning to apply for a loan or have an existing loan. In Loan Status, you can see the details of your loan including the Loan Balance, Loan Amortization and Terms. In my case, I don’t have a loan as of now.

SSS Online Inquiry Member Contributions

To access this part, simply click “Loan Status” in the Menu.

We have successfully registered an account in SSS.Gov.PH and verified my SSS Contributions and Loan. We made it, make some noise!

You have any questions? Hit me back down below in comments section.

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Ben Daggers

is the creator of He graduated from Adamson University (Philippines) with a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy dating back 2009 and earning his MBA in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He is currently employed as a General Accountant in a well known Global Business Process Outsourcing. He enjoys learning new things. He consumes his spare time in front of his Computer with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

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  1. Ligaya barbosa enebrad says:

    Gusto q lang f npaano n ing loan at contribution q.this yr kc zero talaga aq ..d aq nkpgstart ng loan payment q…mgkano n kaya…gusto q ring malaman f mgkano n ang total ng loan q…

  2. Alex diono nadales says:

    Total amount po

  3. Alex diono nadales says:

    Sir please help me about my account

  4. anmcris valeroso says:

    bkit po ang liit ng naluha kung maternity halos mag tataylong taon n me nagwowork tapos cs pa ako kulang pa ung naluha ko sa pang byad sa ospital bakit po ganun

  5. Arlon Delacion Gregorio says:

    Total contribution please

  6. Maria Juvy M. Villanueva says:

    total contribution please

  7. Fred joseph Rodriguez Lesula says:

    my total contributions please

  8. Artemio n. tan says:

    May tanong po ako maam, kung Pwede po malaman yong savings kung magkano n po at gusto ng tatay ko kunin yong savings niya kasi po matanda na po siya 65 years old na po nahulugan Niya 32 months na po magkano po ba ang makukuha ng tatay ko sa savings Niya pakitext na lng po ako sa # 09480593953 anak niya po ito thank you.

  9. lourdes tolentino says:

    total contribution please

  10. raymond says:


    i have already account in my SSS, the problem i encountered now is that when i already log in there is an advisory appears that stated “if the online inquiry page of this website display blank page. YOU ARE USING AN UNSUPPORTED BROWSER. and below that message there is a link “View Instructions” that tells about changing the security settings temporarily. and when i click that link a failed pdf document will appear. can you give me or help me solving this concern of mine?

  11. May-Ann Laroga says:

    I’ve try every instruction, but it’s not working.I can’t register online.
    Could you please help me?

  12. Randy A. Mendoza says:

    can ihave my sss contribution copy?

  13. Rufina Umandap Caraan says:

    May I know my total actual contribution?

  14. zarah abuganda fontanilla says:

    check q lang po kung magkano ung total contribution ko nahinto po kc paghuhulog ko, magkano lang po kaya nahulog ko, at gusto ko po sana uli ituloy.

  15. says:

    good day. dati na po akong na ka registerd sa sss online requiry. kaya lang po sa ngayon hindi ko na po sya ma open .. pa no po ang gagawin ko to activate ulit


    May I know my total actual contribution. Thank you.



  18. Arturo F. Pronebo says:

    can i have my SSS contributions copy?

  19. louie pete g. rinoza says:

    i want to know my contribution

  20. Rexter Beniga Divino says:

    inquire lang po

  21. ronald says:

    i follow the steps but still need pa rin ng employer sss id number which i don’t know yet.kaya d p rin aq mkapag inquire online. kla q khit wla yun mkkopen aq ng acct.ko.thanks

  22. Eroña Mary Cris Enguito says:

    it is soo nice if we use sss online coz its make our life easier and faster by opening it in online…

  23. Rosie V. Pagsinuhin says:

    how to know the total amount of my sss contibution?

  24. Allan Lozada Alido says:

    Paano ko po malalaman anp sss number ko? Pwede ba dito on line?

  25. Reynaldo says:

    paano po malalaman online ang monthly contribution ko thanks po!

  26. erwin bacornay abaigar says:

    gusto ko lang po inquire ung sss ko po

  27. Reneto Mauro Telempros says:

    magkano po ang nahulog ko sa monthly contribution?


    want to know my total contribution

  29. Reymon C Madelar says:

    Chek my monthly contribution and create my own sss acuant

  30. FEL JUN Y. NAVARRO says:

    Can i ask for my sss number po? Nawala ko po kase ang kopya ko, kailangan po kase sa bago kung trabaho, salamat po.

  31. anabel arco says:

    Inqurie q lng poh ung hulog q
    Sss qung kumpleto poh

  32. philibert ricaña says:

    i want to know my fathers contri.

  33. clariz villanueva says:

    panu ko poh malalaman kung magkno n lng poh balance ko….

  34. joe wendell balag says:

    i want to know my contribution.

  35. PARD'Z says:


  36. David Valencia says:

    Hi hindi ko na mabuksan ang account ko sa sss online dahil nakalimutan ko ang password ko. The worst part is nablock na ng tuluyan, hindi ko machange ang email na ginamit ko kasi email add sa dati kong employer ang ginamit ko noon. Please let me know panu ko mapapalitan ang email add ko.

  37. joann says:

    gusto ko pong malaman kung sino gumawa ng programmed ng SSS… hahaha… napaka pangit,,, hindi mo macheck mga contribution unlike before madali maka access…since nung binago yung dataBASE haNGGANG ngayon hindi ko pa rin sya macheck…SSS… pls do check your online inquiry hindi makatulong sa amin

  38. Rodel D Angeles says:

    3 Easy Steps to Checking Your SSS Contributions Online:
    1. Log in to
    2. Click on EServices > Inquiry.
    3. Stare at the blank page… (rant pa more!)
    I’ve been doing this for a couple of days now..

  39. Marida Arend V. Arugay says:

    Please reply using my email address how to access my contribution and maturity of benefits.

  40. RONIE B. CASTILLO says:

    Good day, i want to know the total actual contribution ko. ty po.

  41. Theodore rivera Williams jr says:

    Gd mrng/gd pm po gusto ko pong malaman ang akin contribution ko.ty po

  42. Agustin Segundo says:

    Gud Eve Gusto kung Malaman kung magkano ang balance sa Salary Loan ko

  43. Jeanette says:

    I cannot see my actual contributions when I login to my SSS online unlike before. How can we possibly check it? Is there a way for me to find out if my previous employer paid the balance of my previous loan (around 5k++)? reply needed ASAP, need to apply educational loan or renew personal loan for my kids school expenses. thanks, and God bless!

  44. I want to know my contribution says:

    I want to know my contribution

  45. nhe says:

    cannot access online inquiry..seems website is not working well

  46. Roxelle says:

    Hi Good Day,
    Nandito po ako sa abroad ngayun, regular ko po hinuhulogan ang contribution ko since 2013. Ang tanong ko lang paano po ma.correct ang contribution ko last January-March 2015 kasi nafill-up ko sa form ay Jan.-Mar. 2014. Kung baga nadoble ang Jan-Mar 2014 ko at wala akong contribution noong first quarter of 2015.

  47. sandra lyn tipsay says:

    sss contribution as of 2nd quarter 2015

  48. isidro p. ravidas says:

    gusto ko pong malaman kung dati po ako nag work sa coca-colo in cdo.feb/06,2006,hangang july 06,2006.tanong ko lng po hindi po ba mg expirekc hindi ko n po naitoloy ang pg bayad hangang ngyayun?



  50. Dominador Medina Aganon says:


  51. norelyn robles says:

    pwede ko.po.bang malaman if nahuhulogan po ang sss ko simula agosto.ito po sss nomber ko.34-0976174-3

  52. Harvey Bayron B. Trono says:

    I’d like to know my SSS contribution, the steps in inquiring SSS contribution is to too slow and not responding. while other queries automatically replied. why like this?

  53. Lala B. Ocampo says:

    I think the SSS website is not working. I was not able to check my contributions for the last 2 months.

  54. Escalera,Roldan Layson says:

    i want to nkow my contribution…?

  55. estrellita embralino claros says:

    i want to know how much my sss contribution..

  56. Marilou Caparas Balibat says:

    Paano ako magkakaroon ng sarili kopya para sa mga contributions ko para ma=download ko sa usb ko? saan ko hahanapin?

  57. jervie M balingasa says:

    need my contribution

    • Nolly N. Galope says:

      gusto ko malaman ang contribution ko. at ang status ng loan ko hindi kuna kc nahulogan. at kung pwede naba ako mag loan uli.thanks

      • grace sanchez says:

        sa mga gusto pong magpaonline ng SSS nagpprocess po ako ng loan and sss contribution. Pm or call lang po 09192079646. thnx

  58. actual contribution says:

    Magkano pa po balance ko sa sss loan..gusto ko po kasi ituloy ang hulog ko…

  59. actual contribution says:

    I want to inquire if i have balance in sss loan

  60. jungie merafuentes paran says:

    I want required for a job report



  62. adrian ezekiel d cabingan says:

    i just want to know how much the total of my contribution

  63. Vincent F. Cahilig says:

    Kindly send me the total of my monthly contribution. I had been registered already but my user name and password wasn’t remember anymore… it shown the SSS number was already registered and I cant access also on my yahoo account where I use during my registration in SSS. So I made my new acct. shown above. Thank you so much…

  64. Arnel S. Ferrer says:

    Please send me my total monthly contributions.

  65. Jeomar R. Cataga says:

    i want to know my total SSS contributions starting January 14’13 up to present

  66. jon jon lacson says:

    can i check my monthly contribution

  67. George L. Amores says:

    Pls can you sent to my account at FB thank you very much

  68. George L. Amores says:

    to check my remaining balance and to verify my total contribution and also I need to continue my contribution



  70. Rowena Hicap Macaraeg says:

    i want to see if my sss number is online or open

    • Rowena Hicap Macaraeg says:

      this is my sss number 33-2233706-3 iwant to know if open or i want to virefi my sss number if online alredy

  71. ROMEO D. AGUION says:


  72. Evangeline A. Tampus says:

    pls tell me how much my contribution.

  73. Evangeline A. Tampus says:

    my contribution

  74. Norma says:

    how do I access the beneficiary page for changes

  75. Freda Mae B. Hortillas says:

    Hi. I am trying to access my own account to get my static information and employment history but i am not able to. Can you help? Online Inquiry is not useful with these error. Please. Thanks.

  76. Nolly bhoy c. Capus says:

    I want to know how much my contribution?





  79. grey0008 says:

    mahirap na iaccess yung new website, hindi ko na din makita yung contributions ko…. plss help thanks..

  80. ariel c. anesco says:

    my total contribution

  81. ariel c. anesco says:


  82. rey c oñate says:

    Pwd ko poh ba malamn ung contribution ko poh..?

  83. Deborah Olaivar Calamba says:

    sss contributions

  84. renante s. magbag sss contrib #34-2794116-3 says:

    pls. sent my full contribition

  85. jenjen04 says:

    i try to access the new website but i cant find where to view my contribution its not like the old one that i only need to click the member info and actual premiums but now,its way too different,can you help me with this pls? thank you so much

  86. albert feliciano obillo says:

    gusto ko po malamn kung may na contribution po ang dmci company sa aking sss,,, salamat po

  87. raul oroyan says:

    nive to have online sss ty for servicing our needs

  88. Peter James Glinofria says:

    get a premium print out

  89. penian sagantioc takingan says:

    may i know my total contribution. thanks.

  90. penian sagantioc takingan says:

    total contribution

  91. may I know my sss contribution says:

    May I know my SSS contributions?



  93. merzarada says:

    can i get my contribution? or can i know my contribution, ?

  94. MARY GRACE NAGAL says:

    Can I get the copy of my contribution I can’t open my file in your website


    can i get my sss contribution

  96. Glicerio B. Rsmayan says:

    I want to know my total sss contribution

  97. Ernan Samonte says:

    The site is not like this anymore. i cannot view my total contributions and loan status anymore like I used to do before… How can i view my infos in this new site? Tnx… My name is ERNAN SAMONTE

  98. josephine samson khouri elias says:

    i want to know my total contribution

  99. plss let me see my contribution says:
  100. Nicanor Bucao says:

    Please see my total contribution

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    SSS total payments

  102. rael forrosuelo says:

    How to check my contribution

  103. rainier says:

    bkit po kapag na reregister ako online laging invalid CRN / SS number??

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    pwede po ba mlman ang status sss nmber

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    please ”please” send me a copy of my total sss contribution \ static\ through my email address. Thank you,,,,,

  106. aries b, marin says:

    I want to know my sss total contribution,,,,and actual premium

    ngpunta aqoh ng sss,, tinanong qoh kung bkit ganun ung nangyayari,,,, hay hindi rin dw nila alam,,,, pano yan kung kailangan nah kailangan nah,,,, d vah,,,,

  107. Deah Valencia says:

    bakit po ang hirap pa rin makapag log in sa website ng SSS? Hndi naman po ako makapasok naka ilang attempt na ako wala pa rin. Hope it will be fix asap. Thanks.

  108. Regino Divinagracia Coniendo says:

    i want see my contribution sss number 0615730985 tnx.

  109. ann marie c.banawa says:

    I want to know my sss total contribution from 2013 to 2015

  110. juvelyn p. aguilon says:

    i want to see my contributions

  111. Jondie C. Castillo says:

    tanung kulang po magkano yung maloloan ko nakahulug na po ako ng 1year and 3mths 6yrs na po naghuhulug?

  112. Ma.Riva Soldevilla Barrientos says:

    i would like to know my SSS number/account

  113. jessmar m aguirre says:

    Inquiry sss salary

  114. Jonalyd Geraldo says:

    Hi,. can you please send me a copy of my total sss contribution through my email address. heres 34-0934653-7, Thank you

  116. JENMARK PELAREZ says:

    pwede na po ba ko mag loan?

  117. JENMARK PELAREZ says:

    pls. response asap.

  118. REYNALDO L. LUMABAT says:


  119. jenneth nalayog nillo says:

    Tanong ko lng po Kung pwede na po ako magloan at kung magkanu po ang pwedeng iloan.thank you po

  120. candelario madrona says:

    sir /maam i want to inquire my latest sss contribution ang

  121. Homer Arroyo says:

    i just want to know how many month my contribution and my total loan balance. Thanks again.

  122. Homer Arroyo says:

    Because on the application form requiring employer ID number.

  123. Homer Arroyo says:

    How can i enroll on the online mysss? i am not active since 2005 but I’m a member almost 25 years. Thanks & God bless us always.

  124. angelo b gaerlan says:

    gusto kopo makita mga hulog ko po sa sss

  125. lily says:

    wla po akong na received na password at user id sa aking email. pano po makuha? kailangan ko po ngayon. pls. reply po . asap.thanks po….

  126. regie l. caudillosa says:

    gusto ko lng po malaman kng completo ung contribution ko po.

  127. FRANCIS C.CHONG says:

    may i know my contribution last year

  128. Dan says:

    the new format is complicated now i just tried i cannot even see the contribution button in the my.sss part

  129. pedrito h. dorado says:

    paki send nman po kung may hulog nung last year asap po

  130. Eddie Laguardia Somina says:

    actual contribution from july to december

  131. andro dela vega says:

    tanong ko lng lng po kung magkano n po ang naiihulog ko po sa akling sss.

  132. julie domeng says:

    isang beses lng pho aq nkpg hulog ng sss q.pwd q pho b i2ng ipgp2loy?

  133. Geraldine Nardo Requieron says:

    paano po bah macheck kung maylaman po ba yung SSS contribution ko? baka po kac hindi nahulugan nung agency ko eh

  134. susana costimiano says:

    Baka pwede nyo ako matulungan dahil nag register na po ako two years ago dahil hindi ko nabuksan sa panahon na yon ngayon po ay sa twing mag register ako ang sabi ay this number is already registered. Kahit bago na ang email add pero dahil nga po yun pa din ang sss number ay di po ako makapag verify online. Nag send na po ako ng email sa sss relations mismo pero walang tugon. Umaasapo ako sa inyong tulong. Maraming salamat po

  135. franquilino teves digal says:


  136. jennalyn bacho says:

    how much my contribution

  137. mark angelo leuterio says:

    san pu makukuha ung password wla pu kasi sa e-mail ko pati na pu yung user ID kaylangan ko po ngayon pa reply naman po plll ASAP po thank you

  138. Richardmerin says:

    Pano q ma open ang account q by online..???

  139. Richardmerin says:

    My sss acount

  140. christopher villamartin says:


  141. Milagros l llena says:

    Tanong k p Kung ung contribution ko ay voluntary Ba o SELF EMPLOYED KC PO NAKALIMUTAN KO N PO

  142. Maricel lu Maubay says:

    can you please give me a copy of my sss contribution and tell me if i am qualified to avail a loan. my sss number is 09-2118425-4

  143. julieann clarin says:

    pano po mkita actual contribution ko kasi mg 3yrs na ako sa work di naman updated hulog ng agency ko

  144. Kelan po maaayos ang SSS ko, kasi 2 years na ako bayad sa loan ko pero sabi ng SSS San Pablo City Branch ay may utang pa ako. paano nangyari yun eh 2013 pa ako natapos. says:

    Paki check naman po kasi nag alala ako sa status ng SSS ko.

  145. total actual contribution says:

    verify total contribution

    • Jehu Dongosa Macaya says:

      May I know my total contributions from June 1979 up to present to include my voluntary and self-employed contributions..

      Thank you po…

  146. total actual contribution says:

    verify total sss contribution

  147. annalyn l. aquino says:

    Inquire ko lang po sss contribution ko.

  148. sonia fontiveros says:

    Forgot my sss number ?

  149. noel habagat says:

    paano po kung nakalimutan po ang ID at password para po sa online iquiry.

  150. mark creer ogalesco says:

    Tnong koh lng poh kung mag kno n poh ung contribution ko

  151. Yvonne galeria says:

    Pa send naman po ng sss contribution at saka ung sa sss loan ..sss no. Q poh ay 0419978697…email add q po ay

  152. jeremy baguisa says:

    Nagttry po aq mgregister s sss online kso po lumlabas n meron n po aqng accnt ngtry po kc aq dati kso hndi q po nrcv ung confirmation code kc nblock n po ung yahoo accnt q dati.. ano po b ang pwde qng gawin? Gs2 q po kc sna malaman kng naapprove n ung loan q.. salamat po..

  153. Roycar Cosep Aying says:

    Gusto ko lang malaman Kong magkano na ang sss contributions ko

  154. alonzo licuanan says:

    hingi po ako ng tulong, pwede po ba na send nyo sa email ko po, yung sss premuim and hestory. t.y po

  155. alonzo licuanan says:

    how can i print my sss premuim and hestory

  156. alf f. somoso says:

    i want to know my sss contribution

  157. Yvonne galeria says:

    Gusto ko lang poh malaman yong sss contribution ko pati narin poh yong hulog ko sa loan..hindi ko na poh kc mabuksan ang user id ko sa sss nakalimutan ko poh kc yong dati qng email ad..gustohin ko man po gumawa ng bago kaso lang po di naman ako makapasok..


    To the SSS Please kindly send me my total contribution because my company need for my loan application.thanks

  159. joey ericson ochia says:

    may i know my total contributions? plssss!!!!

  160. joey ericson ochia says:

    my total contributions

  161. Edna Salazar Javier says:

    I tried to fill up the on line form but still cannot access on SSS contribution & Loan Balance inquiry. I would like to re-activate my SSS membership. My SSS # 33-0465261-4. I would appreciate if you can send me all details through my email address.

    Thank you so much!

  162. Darrel G. Jomillo says:

    can you please email my total contribution

  163. Darrel G. Jomillo says:

    may i know my total contribution

  164. carol celles celimin says:

    pde q po bng makita ang contribution list ng sss q

  165. ROY JABLA CONSUS says:

    can i get a printout of my sss contribution

  166. charisse floralde solis says:

    i will inquire
    my sss no.

  167. charisse floralde solis says:

    i will inquire sss no.

  168. arthur amido jr says:

    sir/mam check q lang kong pwede na q mag 2ndloan, at ask q lang kong may balance pa ba q?

  169. georgin pamittan soriano says:

    sir /madam,paki check ko lang po yung total contributions ko ng SSS,kung ilang buwan pa,or kailangan ituloy tuloy ko lang po maghulog?.pls advice me kung ano ang dapat kong gawin po.thank you so much po.

  170. leonardo barit says:

    i want to inquire my contribution

  171. georgin pamittan soriano says:

    i want to check my contribution

  172. Earl cabugao says:

    Chiking my contribution?

  173. jemar says:

    sir/mam’ bakit blank poh pagnabigay ng link sa sss, wla nmn poh help nmn poh pls…thanks

  174. cristobal raval felix jr says:

    sir good pm. check ko lng yong rimitans.ko? thkz

  175. sherly mindaro benavidez says:

    I just want to know poh kung ilang months na poh ang nahuhulugan q and how much is my total contribution…tnx

  176. rona says:

    i already did they same procedure but why is it i cant access?they send a mail with nonsense email, not useful, i heard some area in lapu-lapu city cebu can access sss, online when u get print out in there store u have to pay for them 60 pessos,omg i felt mad..for this we are so many attempt to register in sss online but always failed

  177. Edgardo C. Estrellanes says:

    I filled up My SSS Registration Form last Friday, 30 Jan. 2015. Am still waiting for my password. When are they going to give me such?.

  178. maricar natividad says:

    pano po ba makakuha ng sss contirbutions

  179. Kian Gendrano says:

    Gud am…nid q poh print out ng sss contribution q..d nmn poh q mkpag register sa membership account..nag iinvalid ung Sss no.q..or already register nah dw…nu poh vah dpt gwin. ,?tnx poh…

    • I just want to know poh kung ilang months na poh ang nahuhulugan q and how much is my total contribution…tnx im Jefrey. my sss # # 34-1550818-1 says:

      please answer po sir…i need a rply..thn u poh..

  180. Michelle P. Azor says:

    pano ko po malalaman kung magkano na ang nahulog ko.

  181. Michelle P. Azor says:

    i was checking my actual premiums on my sss,

  182. Jeron Elidon Malbaran says:

    tanong q lng poh qng hinuhulugan sss q?

  183. reynaldo diamante brioso says:

    i want to know how much my contribution

  184. Celine says:

    The verification email provided a link to a page with more fields to answer, and at the bottom, it asked for this: “Please provide any 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number where you worked for at least six months”
    My concern with this is that I was only at my previous (and first) job for 3 months. I can’t submit the form without answering this field, so I’m pretty much tempted to just type a lot of zeros.
    Can anyone help?

  185. virginia l. cerzo says:

    pano q malalaman kng ilang months n q may hulog s SSS q

  186. Resly pareja says:


  187. deowel malinao says:

    gd am po..i already filled up the form for registering my sss no. on sss website online..they sent me link but when i click on it, only blanck page will pasword & user name given..please po help me how :-(

  188. john ponce martin? says:

    paano po mag check ng online contribution po sa sss po?

  189. rogelio d casillano says:

    Good Day po,
    magtatanong lang po kung bakit hanggang ngayon hindi na post ang sss payment ko for the period of January to June 2015,nagbayad ako last jan 3,2015 .

  190. Rowel S. Mejos says:

    gud day maám, do i have the monthly contribution remitted from my employer?

  191. jean alidon says:

    Good pm po maam/sir,
    Ano po ang kailangan mga dicumento pra matangap q na po ang aking matenity,? Kc hangang ngaun wala papo 3mnths. Na po ang anak q, at hangang kailan ang duedate? Maraming slamat,,

  192. SYREL B. DE ROMA says:


  193. jonar cardenas says:

    i loss my sss id how cant i avail again my sss no……..



  195. Renato Lapidez says:

    thank you

  196. Edzel P. Cauyan says:

    total actual contributions

  197. german m campos says:

    ma’am tanong ko lang po kung nasa maximum na ang pagbayad na nila sss ko…kasi maximum na kaltas sahod ko

  198. mhay says:

    no mail coming from SSS from my email account regarding userid and password after i fill up the reg form so i cannot log in

  199. danessa e san buenaventura says:

    i need to check my atual contribution

  200. danessa e san buenaventura says:

    i need to check my atual contribution

  201. danessa e san buenaventura says:

    pls .,sss contribution

  202. leonides b. cabrera says:

    3 days na po nalipas pero wala p rin email sa akin kung ano password. ndi po aq makapag log-in. urgently needed q po static form q.

  203. Renante C. Anino says:

    i need to see my ss contributions

  204. mark anthony b.bituin says:

    Mam tnung q lng po kng tapos n po b aq mgbyad sa aking sss loan?

  205. Angelina Jeminez says:

    My last sss contribution payment was June 2010.
    Now, I want to continue my contribution. How can I continue and how much per month?

  206. mylene gregorio says:

    latetes contribution

  207. NHEL says:

    hindi na po ako makalog in dun s dati ko user id pano ko po ulit maa-access un acct ko sa sss?, lagi po lumalabas invalid user id or password, pero naretrieved ko na po at tama naman, pls help, tnx..GBU

  208. Malcom says:

    Good day po.. sa bagong online SSS website san po makikita yung list ng contributions??? di ko po kasi mahanap.. thanks po.

    • Tope says:

      Click My.SSS on the upper left of the page. The Employee Information will appear. Point your mouse to the Member Info. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Actual Premiums to display your contributions.

  209. catalino alcantara lorenzana says:

    i need to know when my last contribution paid

  210. santiago t. declaro says:

    Need to check my monthly contribution and what is my CRN.

  211. Bryan_Macrohon says:

    culianan zamboanga city

  212. catalino alcantara lorenzana says:

    i need to check my monthly contribution

  213. Carmelito misa rule jr. says:

    Helo po pwd na din ba aq mka pag salary emergency po kc loan?

  214. luis g. salazar says:

    i need to check my monhtly contribution

  215. diobert durango says:

    mam inquire lang kon sa akong sss kong nahulog ba or wala

  216. diobert durango says:


  217. Freland valdriz says:

    inquire my total contributions



  219. generoso belando says:

    maam/sir paano po malalaman yung static information kasi po hindi ako makaregister online ..
    salamat po sa tugon

  220. Eleuterio Labadan Pegoro says:

    How we do i check my contributions?



  222. Ranier Roa Jugan says:

    mam cheack ko lang po lahat yung remitance ko sa sss? salamat

  223. Abarico , May Ann E says:

    update salary loan status and contribution

  224. Edmar M. Bais says:

    sss total contributions

  225. Eugene D. Guanzon says:

    sss total contributions

  226. jessie gabato says:

    sss total acual contributions

  227. yuki garcia says:

    total contribution

  228. Yolanda Lucas Gamay says:

    total contribution

  229. Diana D. Domingo says:

    SSS contribution

  230. GREGORIO CONDES says:

    pwd po malaman kung ilang months na ang nahulugan ko?

  231. Carlota M. Manguhig says:

    Kindly reset my account, i cant access it because i forgot my password…hanks for the help…God bless!

  232. ruby maria salvador agquiz says:

    Inquire q lng po ung total contribution q. Sna need q pa po ba mg fill up ng merging or transfer form after q mg change status?

  233. Marygrace Ravida Alan says:

    To know the total amount of my contributions.

  234. ma.ayleen arante says:

    Pwde po mlaman ilang buwan n ang na contributions ko.many thanks

  235. angelita s. bongolan says:

    Let me know my sss contributions

  236. josefina pana gonzales says:

    I want to verify my name please send me on my email .thanks n God bless


    Could you pls. check my SSS contribution. Many thanks.

  238. andronico angkig says:

    please check my sss. contribution

  239. angel s. fulig jr. says:

    kindly send my sss contribution form at my facebook account angel fulig is my fb name. tnx

  240. angel s. fulig jr. says:

    pano po malalaman sss contribution ko? ty.

  241. Loreto B. bermoy says:

    Kindly eamil my actual and total contribution fr beginning.

  242. Maricar Abana Cagurangan says:

    kindly check my ssscontribution, thanks.

  243. shalemar a. manlunas says:

    Pls. inform me my total contributions.tanx

  244. Paul Anthony Yting says:

    Ok lng po ba yung sa middle name ko na initial lng?kc un dn ang nsa birth certificate ko..illegitimate kc ako..ano po ba dpat?

  245. Olivia k medel says:

    I want to know my SSS contribution.pls help me..Olivia k medel 04-0550286-0..can’t access pH 61


    pwede po bang mag pa adjust ng aking pension na credit lang 32 CYS 36 po ako employee ng philamlife from 1976 up to june 2013 thank you
    my SSS NO. 034019105-1

  247. leonardo aquino says:

    sss contribution pls enquire kung merong hulog

  248. JOANNA B. COROD says:



    ER # 03 9114731 3 ANU PO UNG SALAREY LOAN KO ???

  250. agathon c rogero says:

    ask ko po f ilan na po hulog ko at ung sss no ko nkalimutan ko.. bka pwde po pchek tnx po

  251. ma. jeremy quito says:

    i forgot my sss number pls send me a copy.
    And if ever i need to change my status from single to married..thanks

  252. Mariano Rojo Jimenez Jr. says:


  253. Zandra Quilla says:

    hinpi po aq mkapagsubmit ng registration.. d q alam kung anong kulang..

  254. Myleen Soriano Flores says:

    ask ko po kung anong month yung unang hulog ng sa akin ng employer ko and kung na pa update na po ? thanks

  255. Herbvert P.Adarna says:

    Ask ko lang po kung na hulogan po yong sss ko dati.

  256. Armando T. Orsolino says:

    What happened with the Online inquiry the settings has been changed and yet I can’t access it? Who ever made this idiot idea is a total stupid and your program was useless, I did everything but still the web can’t take me to the main portion which is my total contribution, you are fooling the people! The previous setting was Ok I can easily access my SSS contribution every time I inquire it online, this past few months is was totally changed and I can’t make any inquiry though it says “SSS Online Inquiry” Blah! Blah! Blah!!!

    What happened to your website SSS in the Philippines? I’m here in abroad and online is the only way I can get in touch with my contribution could you please fix this problem? I CAN’T ACCESS WITH MY SSS EVERY TIME I’D LIKE TO INQUIRE MY TOTAL CONTRIBUTION. Please do something!!!

    • Glenda says:

      register na po ako sa online inquiry pero matagal ko na hindi naopen ‘yon. Ngayon gusto ko makita ‘yong contributions ko pero everytime mag log in ako sabi user ID is not valid. Nag register ako ulit sabi my sss# is registered already. Siguro password ko expire na. Pls help.thank you

  257. Aldrich Placio Simpao says:

    To inquire my sss contribution

  258. acas sapal guerrs says:

    I want to avail my retirement pension next year. I need know my remaining balance and my expected monthly pension assuming I will continue paying may monthly premium at the same amount of my latest payment.

  259. Ricardo F. Nellas says:

    Dear SSS,

    I’m currently living/working here at Malaysia as OFW…my concerns are(1) To know my Total SSS contributions(2) how can i pay previous months contribution to SSS and onwards contribution to proceed.
    (3) I need to know,Loan Process even if im here at Malaysia.Need your advice for this can also email me to this address.>>> or txt me thru this number +60124628538..I hope that i can get prompt response from SSS management..Thank you very much..

    • Mercy says:

      Just want to share some ideas i have regarding your questions i hope it can be help you. I came from mall yesterday evening and had seen a small booth infront of Al Fuad Exchange here in Dubai. 2 filipino’s from Philippine consulate are accomodating our kabayans regarding SSS and PAG-IBIG. I asked “KUYA” how can i check my contributions and how can i continue my sss even im not in our country.. He gave me a form to fill up and he easily found out my contributions from my previous company. In that case he asked me to continue my contributions in any exchange company who are authorized by consulate to continue my contributions. Im able to loan also here in dubai but i will receive check not cash. I can in-cash only my loan in our country. For your case, you should visit the consulate of the Philippines and ask for the same.

  260. Ma. Luisa M. Contreras says:

    I want to check my total contributions.

  261. Lei Harvi Gulfan says:

    have registered several times already but still did not received any mail from sss for my password log in.

  262. wilmert rotarla says:

    i cant access my account because i forgot my password,.,.and my email address is already deactivated,.,how can i use again my sss account online,.,.,?????,.,please help

  263. mezyl medillo says:

    how many years to expired the reimbursement process in abroad? in may case im in abroad and then i encounter a company accident. end of my contract on sept. 2016 can i file when im go home or no? i ask about my contribution, i lapsed almost 4 yrs in my sss contribution, and then this year i continue, can i file a reimbursement or not?

  264. roosevelt v. flores says:

    Diz is Urgent can u give my sss number cuz in b.c tnx

    • Shawee Ito says:

      sorry. no one can give your SSS number because every one is busy here. try visiting the nearest sss branch to ask your SSS number.

  265. Dexter s. Divinagracia says:

    Good day to your good office,,will you pls,,give me the latest details of my contribution..,,tnx…

  266. dexter idul says:

    hi sir ask ko lng po kung ano dapat kung gawin ko po d kxe hinuhulugan yung sss ko ng employer pngalan ng employer primepower manpower services

  267. noel palomo says:

    pls help me i want to see my sss contribution from january 2014 to november 2014.thank’s


    inquire contribution balance

  269. Dacuyan, Nissan C. says:

    i want to update my cotribution,

  270. don kareem c bendo says:


  271. jason prestado says:

    verify my contribution

  272. krizaldo a.galang says:

    plsss poh,pano ako makapag inquiry dito sa sss ko poh.

  273. ARTURO S. CASTANEDA says:



  274. gabrielbejuna says:

    sss contribution


    2011 TO 2014

  276. Denise says:

    how long will it take for the log in to be mail back ? ive been waiting for 48 hrs !!!!

  277. wilinita altea reyes says:

    I would like to know how much is my total contribution and when it start?

  278. kathleen buna padero says:

    i would like to ask my contribution 08-1726111-3

  279. Sheryll Pe says:

    Please help me… Why my Form cannot submit? I write all correct information but I cannot go through please help me….

  280. Rizza Daza says:

    check my sss contribution

  281. Rizza Daza says:

    sss contribution

  282. ezekielmendoza says:

    bkit pag ako po nag lolog in sa sss d q mkita members info…ang nakalagay membership lang kaya hindi po ako makakuha ng contributions

  283. NESTOR C. BARASI says:

    sir. i would like to know my total contributions w/ sss#3300855363

  284. Ester Pormento Begornia says:

    I would like to know my total contribution w/ sss# 33-2418818-4

  285. Hannibal B. Lapining says:

    SSS contributions

  286. andrea pastidio says:

    employee static info

  287. nelson ortiz delacruz says:

    salary loans contribution

  288. winston b delacruz says:


  289. Ginalyn Pino says:

    Salary loan contribution

  290. Ginalyn Pino says:

    Salary loan

  291. Vevelyn T. Sayahon says:

    I would like to ask if i can avail my first loan?

  292. Julio de jesus formanes jr says:

    Check q lng po un ss

  293. Arnel Licoyo says:


  294. Rafael Laude says:

    for my total amount contribution And total months

  295. Cecille says:

    Im already registered online but when I log in it says INVALID USERNAME..

  296. gracean purio total says:

    why i cant enter on sss

  297. dave abellar demaluan says:

    i want to inquire my sss contribution

  298. narryjane says:

    Sir..need q po ng printout sss contribution.di poh aq makaregister..kc poh nagiinvalid un sss number q..alrefy reguster ndw huling tanda q poh ung husband q an nagregister kaso employer poh an nafillupan nya imbes n member..panu poh kaya un..pls poh need q poh tlga un

  299. donniecortez says:

    tnong ko lang po kung pwede npo ako mag loun sa ss ko po

  300. Iana Mariz says:

    paano po kumuha o magApply ng SSS I.D. , meron na po akong E1 form kung san nakalagay ang SSS number ko??? please sana matulungan nyo ako ..

  301. Ella says:

    It seems that they have changed it. :/
    The new interface does not have an option to check your number of contribution. Or am I just blind to see it. Please help.

  302. elah says:

    Ive been following the instructions patiently but ive got stocked in my email,,,,,

  303. elah says:

    Its frustrating,,,ive been using two email adds,,still cant acess,, bakit ganun

  304. benjamin pablo tabuac says:

    my sss number is 01-1406240-0

  305. benjamin pablo tabuac says:

    i want to know my total sss contribution

  306. kojak says:

    dude, it’s best to update the shared info. doesn’t work this way no more. can’t register without receipt/otc or employer id number. assuming that you do not know or you have not contributed within the last 6 or more months, what happens? tnx

  307. luisito manabat vergara says:

    gsto q po malaman kung mgkno nah contribution q sa sss

  308. romulo ladera says:

    cannot access said valid email add. please help me. my email is already valid why???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  309. Ramon P Legayada says:

    I would like to inquire if what is the total contributions do I have. Also if I am now qualified for SSS benefits? Did I meet the minimum requirements of contributions? Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  310. Ryan Opleda says:

    Why the system is not working?????? try to spent more time in upgrading it because its very stressful and it seems we are not paying you guys???????????????????????????????????

  311. Resalie S. Mabunga says:

    I can’t open your website! please help…

  312. lester p. mendoza says:

    Monthlt contribution from july 2013 to may 2014

  313. irene c. rojo says:

    please show my contribution.. ug naa na ba ako maternity?….

  314. nenita says:

    can”t register and acces, said invalid sss number

  315. Harold Villar says:

    I just want to report about my contribution for the month of April to June 2014 which has not been display into my actual contributions. Payment was made last November 2013 and also reported this complain to Alkhobar SSS Representative since June but until now no response has been provide. Please help and assist me to process my contribution so that my total contribution will be completed. Thanks..

  316. Mac says:

    lintik na website. hindi maka register!

  317. Maribec Ramirez De Guzman says:

    sss contributions

  318. christopher gabing says:

    busit na sss website na yan walang kwenta………di maka-access…….

  319. German says:

    Bkit po ganun wla nman ako nare2ceive na password sa mail ko tama nman po ung pagkafil-up ko sa registration form para ma verify ko po ung sss contribution online. Ilan beses kuna po tnry pero wla tlga.

  320. ronhel says:

    ok n po ba ang loan k s sss?

  321. ronhel says:

    ask k lng po ang total ng contribution ng sss k?

  322. brix Ramos says:

    Good afternoon po maam/sir ask ko lng po ilang days po ba ang Maternity leave if CS ? slamat po

  323. JOUIE L. ANDRADA says:

    makikita ba dito kung nahologan ng employer ko ang sss contribution ko

  324. Limuel Opulencia says:

    hi good morning po ask ko lng po kung pwede ako makaavail ng sss education loan for my siter sss no. ko po ay 04-17575089

  325. Jeremy Precilla says:

    Hi, I just want to ask, how to reset my sss online account. Diko na kasi maaccess yung yahoo mail ko. I have my new email address na . pero pag naglologin ako sa mysss ang palaging sabi ai registered na ung sss # ko under dun sa dati kong email add. What shall I do? Thanks.

  326. cheryl jane delapuz says:

    how to inquire my sss contribution?

  327. Rjay says:

    malalaman po ba online if valid yung sss # ? or kung kanina naka issue?

  328. mario granfiel encarnado says:

    how do i check or inquire my sss acount?

  329. Manuel B. Arcilla Jr. says:

    Gsto Ko po sana malaman hulog ko kaya lng nawala po yung sss id kaya po di ko alam SSS no. Ko

  330. Manuel B. Arcilla Jr. says:

    Paki chek po nman young SSS no. Ko po kc po hawala yung SSS id Ko po gsto Ko po sana malaman young humph ko

  331. gener abelidas arcino says:

    gusto q po mlaman kung kelan matpos loan q?

  332. clarissa says:

    hi.. ask ko lng po pano kung naka register na po ako dati pero nkalimutan ko na ung password at user name ko. pwede ba ako gumawa ng panibago?

  333. Julie Pearl D. Pelayo says:

    I can’t open your website , how can i fill up the form, my SSS no. 0630879177
    email add: . (2p)

  334. Julie Pearl D. Pelayo says:

    Hi, I would like to ask a loan verification and a certification that I don’t have any contribution or any doc. that i can submit to my employer. I can’ start my job with out this doc. Please I need it now.

    Thank you

  335. Reggie R. Mojica says:

    We need the print out of our actual premium contributions but unfortunately your website is not working. How can we make access on your site?

  336. macario says:

    why i cant open my sss after i update my password help me to update my new ym too coz i cant open my old ym thats y hard to detect my sss . thank plss responce

  337. says:

    why i cant open my sss after i update my password help me to update my new ym too coz i cant open my old ym thats y hard to detect my sss . thank plss responce

  338. cherizen says:

    Hi! Your instructions were simple. However, I’m logged in with my.sss right now and I don’t see the Online Inquiry tab, so I can’t get to view the member info>> actual premiums as well. I believe they updated the site. I already played around but I really can’t find anything that routes me to the contribution list. :(

  339. jun tacardon basea says:

    good day po mag tanong lang po ako kung pwede nku maka loan

  340. Alma F. Rosana says:

    pls update my sss contribution at kng pwede n pb ako mag loan….ty

  341. menchie zurita says:

    my email add. ur reply now.

  342. menchie zurita says:

    i want to check contribution status my sss # 00379586702.please need ur assestance….kailangan q po n print out ng sss contribution.t.y.

  343. romeo g. arellano says:

    gusto ko pong malaman kung na remit na ang aking naihulog kasi ngayon lang po uli ako nakapaghulog sa aking sss dati po self employed po nagchange status po ako bilang ofw ito po ang aking sss no. 02-1517829-3

  344. gusto ko sana e check ang SSS remitance ko, kung na remit na ba nang empl oyer ko, may SSS # 07- 1584999-6 my name Reynaldo Ong Balili and kailan po ba ang condonation program ninyo? says:

    bakit hndi ako maka on line thru

  345. gladies entena says:

    Gsto ko pong i updaye ang sss ko last ko po kasing nakita last 13 years ago

  346. Lorena says:

    I would like to verify my SSS monthly contribution and actual total savings deposite from 2004 until now 2014

  347. Aileen Cagas says:

    gusto ko pong i update ang aking SSS nhulugan ko mula 2004 hanggang Feb.2008? gusto ko pong ipagpatuloy ngaun pero sa aking sarili nalang. Anu po ang aking gagawin? Salamat po!

  348. sally ciruelos says:

    i want to check my sss contribution and loan balance, thank you

  349. Ivy Dianne Lazo says:

    I want to check my sss contribution from may to october po.. please i need your assistance. Thank you!

  350. Ivy Dianne Lazo says:

    Hi good day!! bakit di ko po ma access yung website nyo???

  351. Ronaldo M. Banagan says:

    Pls. help me how to view my actual contributions on it’s updated website..di na kasi ma view….thanks!

  352. Roselyn Pansacala says:

    I have a problem in downloading your webpage, it has been more than 6 mos. that i keep on logging in to your website and it always appears as this ” webpage not available.
    I want to inquire regarding my contribution and also for my OFW husband.
    Please i need your assistance. Thanks and God Bless

  353. johngil says:

    pls help me how to view my actual contributions on it’s updated website..di na kasi ma view..unlike nung dati ang dali lng e view..since they updated their website i can’t view my contributions anymore..thanks!

  354. chyla royo says:

    checking contribution

  355. Joana says:

    With the new sss website, how to check my actual contribution?

  356. jane lagon says:

    Hi po good day i would like to know about my contributions.

  357. Eugenia luna chavez says:

    i want to check my sss contribution for the month of august .

  358. Romulo M. Alvarez II says:

    I want to know my total SSS contribution

  359. Leonardo Espartero Magtulis says:

    Total Actual Contribution

  360. Elsa Osabel says:

    Unfortunately, nung tinatry kong magsubmit at nung nagsend na si SSS sa email ko, hindi naman password yung binigay. It’s still notifying me to enter my employer Id. I thought this site would really help me.

  361. Ma. Cecilia Parole Aguilar says:

    i want to check my SSS contributions

  362. albert postorioso lorenzo says:

    Cant log inn in sss online inquiry tnx pls help me

  363. Lhupe Mendoza says:

    My contribution

  364. Rico lacida domingo says:

    My contribution from 1998 to 2014

  365. Rico lacida domingo says:

    My contribution

  366. perlie g. asuncion says:

    i have been logging for the last 3 week. I want to check the total contribution so that I will be able to submit in order for me to claim my sss sickness notification.

  367. Ariane tunod says:

    every time i open my account in sss it always back to enter your username that’t why i can’t check my contribution. it’s there an error to your system? because the last i try it again they also ask the username and the password of my employer although i always make sure that i click the member log in..can you please check it out….tnx

  368. April says:

    I can’t view my what should I do.

  369. Johnson says:

    Hi, may I ask why can’t I access my sss account on Samsung android phone?

  370. james alexander bueno alonzo says:

    gud day po inquire ko lang po sana kung how much & how many na months na ung contribution ko thanks po.

  371. jeffrey usares says:

    Hi maam sir healthy day,i just want to know how to check my contribution right away,thank u very much

  372. Kristine Yumang says:

    it is not working. i badly needed a print out of sss contributions for my mat2. is there any work around? when this website will be fixed?

  373. Belle says:

    Grabe ang tagal ng posting ng monthly loan amortization.. Di tuloy aq mka re-loan.

  374. Sadyang magayun says:

    Your portal sucks…i cnt check on my contributions…whats the problem with your member log in page…fix ur member login portal.

  375. Arvin says:

    ba’t ganon, i was able to login on member’s page but when i tried clicking the online inquiry it will direct me to the employer login. pls fix it asap!

  376. Rolando Cabacang says:

    After signing-in I click on Online Inquiry in order to check my contribution. But what comes out after clicking on Online Inquiry is for Employer to log-in. Why??? I tried several times but the outcome still the same.

  377. roeder m medina says:

    anu yung employer id

  378. arvi tarog says:

    i can’t check my contributions

  379. julius geneta says:

    registered na ako dati pa….ano bng problems sa site nyo ha sss? bat laging employers log in lumalabas…..hindi ko na maaccess ang account ko….bwisit tlga…mga pahirap…..hindi kau nakakatulong….

  380. renato catague says:

    Registerd na aq…pero dq pa natatanggap ang pasword from sss sa accnt q na ito. Panu b mag verify qng wala pa un?

  381. Archie Arabit says:

    i can’t log-in as a employee bakit ganito may problema ba ang system kailan pa nag start ito…lagi direct sa employers log-in…paki ayos namn po…kailan lng po ung emplyoment history

  382. kiermart n mercado says:

    ma’am/sir may i know my sss contribution.

  383. arvin garcia says:

    I’m already registered to sss but i cannot log in as a there any problem to your system?

  384. Willmann A. Teves says:

    its about a week that cant access and log in cuz every time i click on members log in employers login will appear and i do need my contributions.can you help me how to solve this problem on easy way?thanks

  385. Marie Fe Joy Oja says:

    ako ay po ay may account na sa My.SSS. Ang problema ko po ay di ko ma access ang member login site.. Tuwing i-click ko po ang button na eto (member login) ang lumalabas po lagi ay ang employer login.. Halos isang linggo na po akong nag try pero laging ganito po ang lumalabas..Patulong naman po kasi wala po akong oras para pumunta sa SSS office.. May work po ako… Salamat po… Marie Fe Joy Oja

    • Laurice says:

      I know right. Nag send n ko ng mail sa support service ng SSS. Sana i-fix n nila yung site nila.. Hndi available ang member login now, lagi lang nalabas ynung employer login.

  386. niery alemanza says:

    I want to know my contribution

  387. eden cunahap fernandez says:

    may i know my actual contribution on sss

  388. jovy says:

    gOOD DAY eh bkit ganun d me makapg log in..laging sira ung portal nila..

  389. Quincy Joy says:

    Me too. It keeps directing me to employer login even though I’m clicking the member login. I badly need to print my contributions. I tried to went to SSS personally but they told me that they are not allowed to print my contribution list in there and I’m supposed to print it by registering online. But their system is down. OMG. What shoud I do?!!!

    • Laurice says:

      Too bad. I’m sorry to hear that.
      The only thing we can possibly do is to try and contact the SSS directly and ask them for assistance. Apparently, sira yung portal site nila now. Sana i fix n nila.

  390. Raymund Y says:

    Same here. I cant log in as a member. When you open member section, what will come up is the employer log in. I’ve read some blogs that SSS website has been down since Sept 25, 2014. Or earlier. I badly need my print out for medical leave purposes.

  391. Mark Ian says:

    If Employed/HouseHold
    Please provide any 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number where you worked for at least six months…what does it mean i already input my sss but it was invalid

  392. wilson flores jr. says:

    I can’t complete my registration because i don’t know my employer’s id #. What should i do?

  393. rowena baengan fabian says:

    i want my contributions printed out but i cant sign up just because of invalid crn/ss number..why maam/sir..

  394. liane says:

    What is the use of this site without if there is no response coming from the admin? We needed help but no one is responding. >.<

  395. Kate Abustan says:

    Hi … i cant register po.. lagi po lumalabas na “invalid CRN/SS number” pro yun na yung number sa E1 ko.. please help.. thnx

  396. romel masongsong says:

    check ko lng po kung updated ang sss ko or status ng sss ko


    Gud day po,mag ask lang po ako kung mag ka anu na ang na ebayad ko sa aking sss payment or the total amount of my payment in sss that i pay ?,since 1997 po ako nag byad ng sss ko po…pwedi po paki send nalang sa aking yahoo mail,maraming salamat po mam/sir…

  398. Sicat jay says:

    AQ po c jay sicat gs2 q po sna mlaman kung complito n ung contribution q s sss cmula nong 2013 at gang 2014.)34-2797781-0 yan poh sss # q.

  399. jesielito carreon says:

    pano po ba makikita yung hulog ko sa sss. ko ng company na pinapasukan ko baka po kasi di ako hinuhulugan kinakaltasan naman ako kada sahod ko.

  400. jesielito carreon says:

    magkano na poba ung hulog ko sa sss. ko..

  401. natie cris barcoma says:

    di po aq makapag regester para mka log in please can u help me. im ofw now, na stop po ung sss ko di ko na po nabayaran since 2008 po. i want to update my sss and contribution as an ofw. what should i do please thanks your reply its a big help…

  402. mark says:

    bakit d ako makapagcheck sa aking loan balance e nakakuha naman ako dati ng print out?

  403. geza says:

    hindi nag sesend sa email ng confirmation wala naman,,

  404. Rudilyn Amata says:

    I really need my static information. Please send me the link where to open it. I tried many times but I wasn’t given a reply on my email the link on how to open it. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  405. Kuting says:

    Hindi naman maka login, ayaw ng member login. Pano kami makakapgloan kung ganyan. 1 month ng sira site nila.

  406. Joey randy says:

    Anu ba ung server ng sss 1 wik ng sira nkaka disappointed d mkpag print ng static information klan nyo ba balak ayusin yan?

  407. marilou acuesta almarez says:

    I want to know my total SSS contribution…my last payment july-sept 2014,,thank you…

  408. Jeffrey Morales says:

    but i don’t have RECEIPT NO./OTC and EMPLOYER ID now i have difficulty to register please help

  409. GIANE says:


  410. miriam mandita says:

    hi good day! your blog is very informative. Way back 2010 I register online to sss and now I forgot my password. I try to do forget password and put my email address. But my problem is I cannot open the email address I used before because its too old; and in yahoo when you don’t open your account it will expired and am having hard time to retrieved my email account. What I must going to do??.thank you

  411. ARLENE says:

    bakt pabalik balik lang yung member log in..?

  412. Renato llave apuyan says:

    Good day. Just want to ask for my total sss contribution. Can you please send to my email address i cannot register because i need to put the receipt no. Of my last sss contribution from my last company.

    Thank you.

  413. jyetrellon wacay says:

    i wanted to know my contribution

  414. Aida fe a.estrera says:

    My sss contributions

  415. florabel says:

    ask lng po ako ng aking total na nacontribute since ngstart ako ng sss.tnx

  416. Google says:

    No one routes for the evil villan who’s run off with the hero’s
    beau, same applies to a site that’s been stuck in Google‘s naughty corner.
    Based on their experience, they could know how much is required before going into details.
    You need to make your potential customers aware of your products and services to
    ensure that they recognize them as valid solutions to their
    everyday problems.

  417. Paulene says:

    Dito nyo po i-access:
    Nakapag-apply ng loan asawa ko online gamit yang URL na yan :)

  418. edsocariza says:

    kabanas naman sa SSS Capitolyo..di makalogin online kaya dun na lang pumunta..pagdating dun hihingi ng print ng contribution wala silang printer..ano ba naman yan!

  419. Geraldine S.Bacuel says:

    check my contributions since im member

  420. Geraldine S.Bacuel says:

    my contributions

  421. marlon M simon says:

    check my contribution since Im member

  422. Liwayway Damasco sanchez says:

    Please help me have my actual contributions sent to my email please di dumadating ang email as confirmation kaya i cant log in as a member… Employer log in always appear when you click the log in… please help..

  423. Krisha says:

    the website is down. i need my static printout to be submitted tomorrow. need help please. i cant access the site.

  424. shani says:

    its not working. . there’s a problem with your website. . i can’t see my contributions. . pay attention to this. .

  425. ana rose says:

    nappunddo!! i cant access to the sss… i cant log in as a member… Employer log in always appear when you click the log in… tsk..

  426. reynaldo sanguad jr says:

    check my sss rimmitance

  427. gelnie arevalo says:

    Good Day!!
    awww,hindi po ako mkapag log in :( klangan ko na po kc ung static info ko tom. eh,
    since last ako nagttry ..hndi ko tlaga maLog in ..plss need your help po thanks alot GodBlesss

  428. jesus norbe arguelles says:

    tanong kulang sana kung magkano na ang total na2contribute ko,e2 yong sss # ko 03-9091396-2

  429. Roland Antonio Oliva says:

    please send to my email the total month of my sss contribution

  430. Rudy Y. Robles says:

    my sss number is already regestered, but i forgot the user name and password, can you please provide my information..

  431. julie nicolas says:

    member na po ako ng sss online, and now na kaylangan ko po ulit ng printed static info tinray ko mag login sa sss online…pero hindi na ako makapag log in…panu ko pa makukuha ang static info ko..?


    how and where do i get my sss total contribution records since June 1979 up to present. how much do i get from my retirement if i retire this year. thank you.

  433. jean bayang says:

    ask ko po bakit di parin mabuksan ang sss account ko ,until now ba di parin tapos ang problema ninyo sa internet?

    • ana rose says:

      i hate it… aq din gnyan… antagal na eh…

      • cacai says:

        matagal na nilang cnasabi na they’re updating the sss website..since july pa.. and today is what? september?? my god!! d rn nman nla inaaupdate un mga contribution, last check ko d pa rn updated un contribution ng august, til july tumawag ka nman sa hotline nila ewan ko lng kng my sumagot sa tawag mu..bilisan nyo nman pag update nyo ng website kc npakatagal na!!!o kya nman sna ur setting the right expectation with all those ppol na paulit2 nglolog in sa website nyo!! mgbigay kau ng date kung kelan maaus yn!!

  434. jean bayang says:

    hello p.ask ko lag po kong magkano na po ang loan balace ko sa sss kc matagal ko na pong di nahulugan ang loan ko.pls send nyo po sa email acct.thanks

  435. aileen Maunahan areja says:

    check my contribution

  436. florian ibarra says:

    panu ko po makukuha ung statement of account ng SSS print out poh…


  437. florian ibarra says:

    panu ko po makukuha ung statement of account ng SSS print out poh…

  438. joseph lawas says:

    good day,how long my monthly rimmetance?

    061 658 9371

  439. norly jumagbas says:

    how much my salary loan balance

  440. norly jumagbas says:


  441. virgilio fabian cruz says:

    i want to my contribution in sss

  442. Ana Marie Cuaco Antion says:

    check ko lng po kung magkano po ung utang ko po sa SSS

  443. jose erwin sano says:

    pano po mag check ng contributions?

  444. felino quemado palomeras says:

    see the contributions sss

  445. leojun B Amparo says:

    Check ku nlng poh,kng pwd nba yaku mag loan sa sss

  446. Aldous Rolan Cabual says:

    sir san ko po makikita ung employer id ?
    tsaka papano?


  447. liad jennilyn says:


  448. haidy oineza says:

    check my actual contributions

  449. anthony L. Millare says:

    ,good pm,
    ask ko lang po kung paano ko malalaman kung hinuhulugan po yung sss ko ito po yung No. 04-2205139-4

  450. cheryl matugas says:


  451. Leo says:

    Service error ang members log in,Y?

  452. Anabell Asilo Goyal says:


  453. hergie r. rempillio says:

    Paki send po ng contribution list ni mr hergie reonal rempillio s email n toh pally thank u po

  454. Adho says:

    Gusto ko lang poh na malaman ang SSS # ko kasi since i applied nawala kasi yong duplicate ko. and they said the SSS card will be sent directly to my address, but d ko na naabotan kasi paalis na akong ng ibang bansa so kailangan ko poh malaman kong ano SSS # ko para maitutuloy ko ang paghulog.

  455. Ana Rachel P. Brit says:

    pa verfiy po kung my hulog po yung sss ko po e2 po yung no . 34-2223102-7

  456. barbie says:

    hindi ko mabuksan ung user i.d ko kakagawa kolang pano po gagawin ko? ayaw maretrive?

    • melodina says:

      ma’am nakalimotan ko po yung user id at password ko eh mag-aplay sana ako ng online loan application..thank you..

  457. Nemesio M Marollano Jr says:

    check contribution

  458. christopher inciong says:

    paano po b kumuha ng sss history po

  459. listana manolito says:


  460. Nilo C. Apolonio says:

    ask ko lang po , kung magkano pa po ung balance ko sa salary loan ko kc hanggang ngaun ay naghuhulog pa po ako sa salary loan ko , ang hirap po kc makapasok sa online inquiry nio…???

  461. jose felicia says:

    paano po bang malaman kung elan ang contribution ko salamat…

  462. jocelyn h joson says:

    Good pm po
    tanong ko lang po kung ano ba ang requarment kung magloan po ang bulintay sa sss

    • cathy says:

      ask lang po please why I cannot go through with my registration online? it says “CRN / SS Number has already been registered.” what other option do I have since I am doing now the 2nd registration coz the 1st one is invalid (email add) :(

  463. jocelyn h joson says:

    gusto ko pong makita yong na contribution ko sa sss

  464. Joel A. Torres says:

    verify ko lng po ung sa static employe kailangan lang po namen sa trabaho ko ung records ng contribution. slamat po…





  467. gerly c.yusala says:

    sss online inquiry, @ total contributions.

  468. Roxane Grace B. Morales says:

    Verify ko po kung mgkano napo contribution ko po s SSS..kc po ngwork po ako s IMI 3 yrs..2006 to 2009..Taz now po s Amkor..3months pa lng po..

  469. gary tenorio biadora says:

    pwd ko pong malaman kung hinohogan yong sss ko ng company ko maraming salamat po..

  470. liza cabato tubiera says:

    I want to know about my contribution.thank you

  471. July Bartolo Benosa says:

    hi, just want to ask kung papaano ko ma retrieve yong sss account ko,? di ko na sya ma open dahil nakalimutan ko yong user name and password ko, pati yong yahoo account na ginamit ko mag register na hacked and that’s the reason why I can’t be able to access my sss account. do I need to go personally at sss office just to get my sss account?

  472. mj says:

    hinigingi pa rin naman ung 13 digit SS number ng employer.wala namang sinend na password sa email

  473. JERRY A. DE GALA says:

    gusto po malaman kn kn n hulogan ang sss noong 2010 ho!! maraming slamat…

  474. arniel d legada says:

    gusto ko ma check kong benabayaran ba . ng campony ko ang sss ko , 1 years na kpin ako .

  475. pronie says:

    hi ..Im trying to register my mothers accounts..voluntary member..after so many tries of register an error found like ” SBR no, not ni SSS records”..I understand I have to fill in the last 6 digits number of the validated receipt ..but it still not work..Validation is like this SSS CON T#3621ZODL VM SS#…what should i fill in for this alpha numeric validation..please help.. tnx

  476. bonifacio calaquian says:

    kailan puedi magfile ng retirement ilan taon po

  477. Joseph Goncer Sumalinog says:

    pwede ko po ba malaman kung completo na po ba yung binabayaran kung Loan.maraming salamat po.

  478. Joseph Goncer Sumalinog says:

    pwede po ba ako mag tanong kung na completo na po ba yng binabayaran kung SSS Loan.

  479. JOY MARIVIC B. AGOJO says:

    kelangan ko po ng sss contribution

  480. MELCHOR E. MILLAR III says:


  481. love joy toledo says:

    hi , ask ko langn po after 1st step ng registration hinihingan ako ng 13 digits employer id. i asked sa HR and 10 digits lang ang binibigay sakin… wrong sss # daw… any help?

  482. helma says:

    pede po malaman kung naipasa na ng employer ko ang aking loan application?thankssss po and god blessss.

  483. helma says:

    paano po pag ang nalabas ay invalid ss number pero po tama ang ss no. na inilagay.

  484. benjie penaredondo says:


  485. nic says:

    hi everyone, ask ko lang kasi yung email na sinend sakin after 1st step ng registration hinihingan ako ng 13 digits employer id. i asked sa HR and 10 digits lang ang binibigay sakin!! i need to print out my sss actual contribution. THANKSSSSSSSSS

  486. BODA MARKETING says:

    For setting of new password for online reporting

  487. Richard Babagay says:

    Sir i was lost my SSS ID for long time and i want to continue my distribution to the SSS. I have been lost my job for since 2006 until 2012. How can get my SSS number because my company required the number. As of now i m working in middle east. I dont know how can get the number immediately. Thank you

  488. Balajonda adrian says:

    Loan status

  489. arriel desuyo lazaro says:

    i want to know my actual contribution and i wish that i can print it out

  490. arriel desuyo lazaro says:

    i want to verify my contribution

  491. sheryl m.mangaoang says:

    i forgot my user name and password po.. can you pls help me to retrieve my account…thanks


    pa send naman po ako ng sss contribution ko po thank you god bless


    pa send naman po ako ng sss contribution ko po thank you god blesss

  494. sarah g.nabre says:

    bakit hanggan nagyon?dpa ako maka pag loan my contribution po ako since 2004 up 2012 need ko po mag loan..thanks

  495. jonel b. magalang says:


  496. RIZZA TAñEDO says:

    can i print my sss contribution

  497. anna says:

    i forgot my user name and password.. wat will i do to access my account again? pls help me.. i need a print out of employee static information..

  498. eden bernal says:

    I have registered my sss number before but I forgot my username, email add. how will i retrieve my account so I can enjoy SSS online inquiry

  499. kristine loro says:

    server not found naman po.ang lumalabas pag kiniclick ung web site ng sss…..

  500. Restituto C. Rivera Jr. says:

    I need to know my total actual contribution

  501. Peter Dela Cruz Obenza says:

    My SSS contribution remittance

  502. ROEL DIONGCO FON says:

    i would to know my total actual contribution

  503. Marlene M. De Mesa says:

    my sss contribution

  504. dionie francis says:

    pls help i cannot register again because my sss number or crn is already registered as per sss info after i filled up the needed information. as i remember, i think i had already register before but unfortunately my email ad maybe was block i forgot my password in my email.thats why i created new email add for this registration of sss onlie.but i may not be able to register due to no user id. and when i filled up again it repeatedly said that my sss no. was already register.pls help on what to do.thank you

  505. Oliver Calote says:

    Gud pm mam and sir i request a check my sss contribution thank you and godbless.

  506. GREECHIEN says:

    upon registering it always appear the word error

  507. Reymond G. Abarra says:

    hello po tanong ko lang po kung paano ko na re retrieve ung aking password. Hindi ko na po ksi mabuksan ung ss account ko. naka block na daw po sya.
    Ano po pwde ko gawin para ma open ko po ulit hindi ko na po ksi makita kung ilan na contribution ko online.

  508. REYNALDO R. CUBIO says:

    E1 number 34-1297965-8

  509. tina says:

    hello po,
    nagsa sign up po ako pero ang lumalabas discrepancy daw ang name ko.ano po ang gagawin ko?

  510. Vincent T. Binarao says:

    my sss contribution i would to know

  511. Cres says:

    hello,we are going to get my fathers DDRF Claim?..but it says we need to correct of contributions of date of coverage because SSS says my fathers employer was contributed in his first contribution was in June 1991,earlier than Date of Coverage and it is July 1991? what will we do….why did the SSS asking all receipts? please reply..thanks so much

  512. jemar b bayaborda says:

    how to check my contributions

  513. leonor dumayas says:

    Need to know the update my contribution

  514. Luis Bentoy Capin says:

    how can i check my contribution

  515. mary ann a balanlay says:

    how much my sss contribution

  516. diover llorito says:

    how can i chk my total contribution

  517. suzanne joyce magtuba says:

    how can i check my total contribution..?

  518. Cresildadiamola says:

    Contibution inquire

  519. sam says:

    I applied for salary loan a week ago, right now, checking the status, it says i have not avail it yet, i went to salary loan application, it says i have pending laon application.. why is that? how can i check if it is approved or not? i have transaction number. where will i use it?

  520. Gloria Tipo Corino says:

    Can i get th employment history of Mrs. Gloria T. Corcino

  521. ramie tano says:

    tnung kulang kung magkano na otang q sa sss matagal na ren aq nakapag cmola sa trabaho q

  522. Jovita Aban Marasigan says:

    i want to know my total contribution my sss # 336309972-6

  523. julie erana says:

    I want to know my contribution I couldn’t find it through my

  524. Neri Sigalat San Pablo says:

    Dear Ma’am/Sir,

    I can’t Log in so I am requesting to please send updated Total Actual Contribution I am paying my SSS contribution here in abroad abu dhabi (OFW member) here is my SSS # 03-68669565
    DOB- May 25, 1959. I high appreciated your response and immediate action.

    Best Regards,

  525. Maria Roma says:

    Hi!..Please tell me what should I do to know my’s been 15yrs since I’ve got my SSS#(was 18 when I got it) and lost my pink slip after a typhoon/flood occured to my hometown.It is only now that I realized that I need to have it..and do the contribution myself since I’m planning to have my own business.Hope to hear from you soon as I’ve tried to access the SSS website but to no avail. Thank you.

  526. Lolita V.De Castro says:

    Gud day po tanung me lng po kung magkano pa ang balance ko sa sss loan salary ko.

  527. Lolita V.De Castro says:

    Gud day po tanung ko lng ang status ng sss retarment ng asawa ko Oct. 2013 pa nag file,until now wala pa,,, sss no. 0317060665 Delfin S De Castro Jr, 11/22/1951

  528. Peter Dela Cruz Obenza says:

    I need to know my actual SSS contribution

  529. cataina abelgas says:

    i need to know my actual contribtion thank you

  530. ann says:

    thank you for the link, was able to check my sss account online :)

  531. Juvilyn halina rabaca says:

    I want to check my sss contribution

  532. rhea joy guillemer says:

    baket po ganun hindi po ako makapag log in sa my sss log in member

  533. Nicky Ruiz Balane says:

    I had a three different card no. in three agency, so in this unified i.d. there will be enough one card no. in all three agencies?

  534. Nicky Ruiz Balane says:

    Mr. Daggers – since this is a unified I.D. card – my card nos. in gsis, philhealth, pag-ibig will be dissolve and we have now One unique i.d. in one card so its mean One card no.?

  535. Roel Rusiana says:

    i would to know if my full name is matches in my SSS number 33-8595210-0 and here is my SSS number I’m waiting your reply,Thank You…..

  536. Khristine Rose Abuyen says:

    Hi.! Hindi po ako makapagregister san po ba nakukuha yung ss employer id

  537. DETNAM says:

    hi when i had my registrration the site said that your application already sent and wait for the verification in your email. hows that?reply is mucg appreciated.

  538. charles legaspi says:

    Bakit crn/ss number yung nalabas? tapos hindi nya tinatanggap yung sss number na nilagay ko

  539. Marcos Roel G. Hipolito says:

    SSS issued the CERTIFICATION of Marcelino S. Hipolito with SS Number 00000000000000 but when submitting for Log In ,Invalid CRN\SS Number, what is the problem with my DAD SS Number

  540. dina joy braca says:

    i forgot my email address and user id.

  541. kristel says:

    p[ano po pag di makapagregister tapos invalid ss number yung lumabas? tama naman po ung nilagay kong number..

  542. Kent says:

    panu kapag new member lang ng SSS wala pang payment na nagawa. Edi hindi ako makakapag register dito? nahingi kasi ung 1st employer ko ng Verification Slip.

  543. Mark Jason Saturno says:

    When you received your password, go back to SSS.Gov.Ph User Log In Page. Use the log in details indicated in the email sent by the SSS Website. When you successfully logged in to your account, this page will appear…

    but my password not appeared >.<
    after i log in on my yahoo i click the link given.
    ang sabi dito ay magregister..
    he asking me a 13 digit number (Employer ID)
    but it is only 12 digit number.. how can i register?


    panu po malalaman kong ilang taon na ung hulog sa sss please lang


    SSS Online Inquiry Total Actual Contributions

  546. erlinda szauer says:

    can you please unblock me because of my email ad i can not log on

  547. mira lynn batac capul says:

    ca i ask my if how much?

  548. jaime says:

    Good day,sir. The problem is cant access sss website. Tried this for almost a month now. Frustrated! My company issued me certificate of contribution complete reciept numbers and dates. Remittance per cert. from july 2012 to december 2013. Verified twice with sss and it showed last posted nov. 2013. Before i worked my total contribution was 18 months. Granting my company remitten per certificate which was 18 months then my contributin should be 36 months and i should be qualified to avail for a lian. But sss told me i got 31 months as of march 03, 2014. How can i reconcile my contributions? Pls. Help me what yo do. Thanks and God bless…

  549. perly t. buna says:

    total amount my contribution

  550. nathaniel Macapagal tan says:

    check my contribute

  551. argie dordas says:

    panu po malalaman qng ilng taon n ung hulog sa sss

  552. santiago t. declaro says:

    Ask ko lng po, kong ilang month na ako nkapaghulog at kong magkano ang monthly contribution ko.

  553. celeste v. estrella says: me my total contributions and how can i have a loan salary..thanks,

  554. Glaiza says:

    haven’t received an automated password when i registered, instead received a link, but i don’t have my employers id number so i can’t get through. can you help me please?

  555. jack says:

    twice po magfill up ng application po ok n po validiation n lng po para sa email ko ilang araw po b yun bago ko magamit? kelangan ko n po ksi makapagprint ng sss loan balance ko tnx

  556. jackie says:

    how long the validation of my account para magamit ko n ako makapglog in n po ko twice n po ko nagsubmit ng application? tnx

  557. edrich says:

    wala nga binigay na password eh. ice yan

  558. larryumali says:

    i just wanna know my cotribution

  559. Bethal au-anne B. Dionisio says:

    gud morning po…pwede po b mlaman kng anung araw po pwede mgpa pic.pra po s SSS I.D?tsaka kng anu po ang kylangan dalhin n requirements?at pki check n rin po ung contribution ko BETHAL AU-ANNE B.DIONISIO…tnx po…pti n rin po contribution ng asawa ko JESSIE M. DIONISIO…pkitxt nlng po ako s number n ito 09304940359…tnx po ulit.

  560. che says:

    what if,the company did’nt want to give there employer sss number? what can i do?…..

  561. Zandra Ortile says:

    ask ko lang ilang months na po aking nahulog? salamat po

  562. roger says:

    i just want to ask if what User ID and password is talking about in the steps given??? and i didn’t receive any password to be use for me to log in… so i can’t check my sss account…

  563. Lotis Palor says:

    hello…i just want to know how i can continue my sss contributions through online…

  564. Leo E. Luab says:

    Please send me a form as a link for me to inquire my total contribution of my SSS.

  565. janeth says:

    Hi. I followed the instructions you’ve written, but sad to say, I still need to supply my employer sss id/number right after clicking the link sent to my email. I got here because I want to inquire re my static contributions and print it out without my sss employer number because I haven’t gotten it from my previous employer. what should I do? I mean I only have my email and SSS number to check…

  566. maynard rabaca tibay says:

    may i know how many months my sss contribution

  567. maynard rabaca tibay says:

    can u show me my recent sss contribution?

  568. Roland M. Antiola says:

    want to know my contribution if its activated and if endorsing my employee.

  569. Darlene Alpuerto-Lamis says:

    Just open this page and about to try. It’s amazing how SSS-the government reach out for each clientelle to the max. Darlene

  570. mary jansen says:

    papanuh makikita if naipas na ng agency ko ung maternity ko s sss o anuh na ung status ng maternity ko. and panuh if temporary palang ung sss# ko ipro2cess ba nila ung maternity ko.

  571. lea bautista says:

    hi . pano po ba maopen ulet ung account q sa sss ? hnd na kc maopen .. nakalimutan q na kc ung password at email sa sss .. kailangan q po kc un .. help naman .

  572. caren says:

    help nman need ko lng po tlg..thanks,

  573. caren says:

    nakapag register nga but hindi nman makapag log in bkit ganon??

  574. rida says:

    I filled up the SSS member registration that they sent me in my email but it asked the receipt number of my payment for the last 6 months. I entered it but it says “SBR number not in SSS records”.
    Please do reply, I don’t know what is the problem.

  575. Felixberto abitan bugna says:

    Actual sss contribution

  576. angelie mosqueda says:

    i fill the online registration after i sumbit, my number says that CRN/ss number has been already registered.please help me po…

  577. angelie mosqueda says:

    ngtry po akong mg log in sa website ng sss tingnan ko sana ang contributions ko ginawa ko na ang steps wala pong may dumating sa email ko ang nkalagay po registered na ako. ang hinihingi user id pano ko po maopen kung wala akong user id na minsan hindi nman ako ng online sa sss. ngaun lng.. please help me..

  578. fell says:

    I paid my contribution last jan.08 2014.but why is it that every time i log in this website,when i click the voluntary member it say’s that my SBR number did not match?i had my SS number,my sbr number,but its almost 2 weeks now that i been trying to log in and i can’t get in.any advice will be appreciated.than you

  579. Lolita V.De Castro says:

    Mam, Sir, nais kong malaman kung ilan na po ang aking monthly contribution.

  580. Lolita V.De Castro says:

    Mam, Sir, nais ko pong malaman kung ilan na po ang aking monthly contributon,


    Total cotribution

  582. Kem-Argil says:

    hindi po ako makapagregister online. tama naman po ung sss number and other info.

  583. Alex Tenorio Aberia says:

    Hello po.. Nakalimutan ko po sss id and password ko po. help me pls

  584. michael ponce says:

    what is wrong with the member registration? i got an invalid ss number !!!how did it happened? in yr 2006 ive downloaded a copy of my contributions which they had a diff web at that time and it’s still the ss number i entered in reg.. i cant be wrong coz i have my id’s and the copy of my contri. that iv downloaded before. i prefer the older online inquiry they used rather than this complicated non-working member registration..

  585. ishang says:

    hi, i received an email after doing the instructions you provided then it linked me to a page where in i need to provide some information and i am having a problem with the 13 digit ss employer number. I have the number already given by the hr of our company but it says invalid number. please help me. thanks.

  586. myrn'z says:

    i already fallow your step on how to register and the last page says “an email has been sent to your email address.please click the link given in the email to proceed with your registration” but the problem is i didn’t receive any email yet..its been 2 days already..does it really take that long to have that email?.i need a certification or copy of my sss contribution because my new employer requires it and i thought that i could have a copy from here rather than going to a branch..could you help me plz..thank you

  587. dan ray sunido says:

    ano po ang gagawin pag nakalagay sa last name pagnagreregister palang ako eh has discrepancy in last name

    • myrn'z says:

      ibig sabihin po,iba ang inilagay mong apilyedo ngaun sa application mo kaysa sa apilyedong gnamit mo sa pagkuha mo ng sss(e1 number,the pink one)..kailangan po kung ano ung mga information na nkalagay noong ngfill up ka sa sss yan dn poh ang information na i pfill up mo jan..i hope it helps you:-)

  588. Mina Gone says:

    My aunt cannot log in to her sss account even though the user id and the password were emailed to her by SSS the moment she registered. Why couldn’t she logged in? She wanted to know her employment history that’s why she decided to create an online account.By the way she used my niece’s email add when she registered because she told me she didn’t have one. Pls.reply asap.

  589. carlo says:

    pacheck nmn po ng status

  590. kathleen l. selga says:

    pano ko po ma check kung magkano na po na contribute ko sa sss.

  591. Janine says:

    hello po, paano po malalaman yung loan balance ko po? nakastart na po kasi ako magbayad sa loan ko mga 7months na din kaso lumabas po ako ng bansa to work as an OFW. before ako na clear sa previous company ko dineduct nila sa akin remaining payment ko dapat for my loan and they said they will pay in my behalf. sabi nila natapos ko raw at nabayad na nila. how to check if what they are saying is true?

  592. bettie moreno says:

    loan status

  593. says:

    Hello! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the
    great information you

  594. Krizia says:

    they are asking for numbers which i don’t have..

    Please provide any RECEIPT NO. found on the RS5 Receipt Form of SSS
    paid at least 6 months prior to the current date

    etc.. that’s why i can’t continue with my online application.. what can i do?

  595. reyeah says:

    i am trying to see my 13-digit SS Employer ID. I know I need to register and create an account but to register I need to input the 13-digit SS Employer am I on dead end.

  596. christin says:

    Hi there! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the great information you could have right
    here on this post.

  597. jennielyn says:

    p ki check po ng contribution koh ss #3421378761 thanks a lot.. i nid it n kc.. wla poh kc reply ang sss sa aplication koh for registration… pki email n lng po skin thanks po

  598. Brad Morton says:

    un n lng kasi yung kailangan ko s registration kung ano pa yung nsa pinkababa hndi p ako mka proceed.salamat

  599. Brad Morton says:

    sir/mam ttanong lang po pano ko po ba malalaman ung 13-digit SS Employer ID/Household SS Number na hinihingi sa registration kailangang kailangan ko kasi makita ngaun n yung employment history ko eh!!kindly reply po salamat

    • Prestine Tan says:

      Brad, ask mo po sa current employer mo kung Anong SSS Employer number nila. yun lang po yung way para po makaregister ka sa SSS Online Inquiry.

  600. jose aniscol jr says:

    i want to know how many contributions i have to sss.

  601. Santos,Edgar,Ramos says:

    pwedi po bang pakiDELETE ang housing loan na naka lagay sa ibaba ng aking form sana po kaagad ninyo pong maaksyonan..kc po kinokompirma pa po nila kaya hindi pa po naaproban 1st time ko lang po kasing kumuha ng salary loan maraming salamat po

  602. efren lobaton says:

    pano po mag verify ng sss.

  603. Patricia says:

    I actually don’t know the SS number of my employer. :|

  604. Noel padrique says:

    I just wanted to knowif i have a debt in my sss loan .thankyou please reply

  605. arturo manguil jr says:

    patulong lang po aq kung panu malaman yung share ko sa sss

  606. Julius says:

    idol pa check nmn ng contribution ko ss# 3418601085, pa email n lang po, salamat idol!

  607. camille says:

    hi ! how will i know my RECEIPT NO./OTC ?? our house got burned. but i know my sss # . pls answer.thanks

  608. charles steven taganile tabunda says:

    elang bowan na po ang hlog q sa sss ko pwdi na ba aq mka loan

  609. charles steven taganile tabunda says:

    elang bowan na po ang hlog q sa sss ko

  610. Domingo Torred says:

    follow up my loan balance status . SSS # – 08-0768367-05

  611. Guillermo Gregorio says:

    SSS contribution inquiry

  612. Dinah M. Perez says:


  613. Ryan G. says:

    Hi I appreciate your effort in creating this page but I think the instruction here is quite wrong and misleading. After you filled-up the online form with your name, email address and other pertinent personal details it is not a password that is sent in the email provided but an instruction to continue with the registration process which requires a user to fill-up the form again but this time with other personal information needed like address and parent’s name and the likes. In this current step I come into a deadlock since I’m asked with the information that I didn’t know and was asking in the first place, the 13 digit employer id..

    • Emgee M. says:

      i was stuck at the same step as you…but found the answer in a different forum…just call the SSS hotline listed in the verification email you received. The operator will assist you in completing the process. Also the operator will ask you personal questions just to verify your identity.

  614. Cheryl Rotersos Gandulfos says:

    follow up my loan balance status…SSS # 33-8868826-4

  615. sharon villacarlos says:

    sir,paano po to nkalimutan ko lahat ang user name at ang password ko.pls teach me kung ano ang gagawin ko?

  616. Gretchen P. Montoya says:

    Sir, where can I get the 13 digit employer Id? Thanks!

  617. Nolasco A. Poblete says:

    may i know my latest sss contribution.

  618. Christian Baldemor says:

    pano po malalaman yung receipt number? 2008 pa po ako kumuha SSS.

  619. princess says:

    also the margin each side also need to adjust
    masyadong malaki yung space ng margin sa left side
    then yung right side wala ng margin kaya putol…

    • Ben Daggers says:

      I think sa printer nyo po ung may problem, nagtry po ako ngayon na magprint and OK naman ung left and right margin. pwede mong maadjust ang margins sa page layout tab ng excel.

  620. princess says:

    your excel format for r3 form is protected, i need to adjust the spacing
    can you give me the password to unprotect the file

  621. jan jongson says:

    I cannot register because the type of membership does not match, what will will i do?

  622. jennybeb lagulao says:

    Hi i tried opening the official website of sss but its always down

  623. Diomedes Pares Nicoleta SSS No,05-0339752-4 says:

    follow up may loan balance status

  624. miranda says:

    Bakit denisgn ang website ng sss na di maaccess or makapag register ang mga currently walang emplyer. Pano nila machecheck ang status ng kanilang SSS contributions or loans?
    Yan ang laging problema. Di Ma access kung walang employer number.
    I hope SSS can do something to address this problem. It’s not user friendly to those who did not have an employer

    • Ben Daggers says:

      Hi Miranda,

      Regarding sa concern mo, way back 2009, nung nagregister po ako ay hindi required ang Employer number. Then biglang binago ng SSS. Hindi ko din po alam kung baket pero (i think and i might be wrong) security measures po iyon. Yun lang ang nakikita kong dahilan baket nila nilagyan ng ganon.

      Pwede pa naman macheck nung mga SSS Members ung mga loan status at contribution nila pero kailangan nga lang nila pumunta sa SSS Branches. Or kung hindi sila employed, dapat eh nagpalit na sila ng SSS Membership status to Self employed o Voluntary Member.

      Yung sa Employer number po, ang tanging nakakaalam lang talaga nun eh mismong ung Employer ninyo. Pwede nyong itanong sa kanila. Ibibigay naman yun, sabihin nyo lang ang reason na SSS Registration.

      Maraming salamat po sa pagbisita :)

      • euge says:

        hi there!

        just wanna ask…
        i applied for an SSS loan then dun lang nalaman na my SSN is temporary na process na ng HR dept namen they asked me to fill up and sign a simple correction form regarding that.just wanna know sana if matatagalan ba yun? how long will it take? para maging ok na and i can proceed with my loan application.
        reply highly appreciated….pls email me
        thanks a lot! :)

  625. Hardiolyn Millares says:

    pls. e-mail to me ur reply!! thank u!!
    God Bless!

  626. Hardiolyn Millares says:

    Good afternoon!
    pwede ko po bang malaman kung mgkano na po ang remittance ko? ndi po kc ako maka pag submit kc wla na man po akong emplyer Id..

  627. cherelyn preclaro verdadero says:

    pwede ko po bang malaman kung magkano na po ang contributions ko po sa sss?

  628. louie says:

    … wala namn po kase ako emploer ID kaya hindi ako mkpagsubmit

  629. vincent b alcontin says:

    pwede ko po bang malaman kung magkanu na po ung na contribute ko sa sss

  630. vincent b alcontin says:

    sss contribution inquiry

  631. levi gonzales baclayon says:

    hi ben pls.. tel my employer ID no. dahil hindi po ako ma complete mag sign up ng sss q. hinihingian po kasi ako ng employer ID wala po ako noon .. pls. reply me?…. i want to know my contribution help pls…

  632. Veri says:

    After I filled-out all the information asked. A confirmation was sent to me via e-mail. However, in the e-mail sent, the password you are talking to was not included in the mail, only code of verification that i clicked. I do not know my employer’s I.D that was why I cannot complete all the information and my sign up cannot be completed. What should I do? Thank you very much!

  633. Vincent Asutilla Subaan says:

    good day maam may i ask lng po maam kung pano ko maretreive ung acc.ko dito sa SSS kasi ko I forgot my password thnxs and more power

  634. ytzer says:

    hi ben daggers.panu ko ma tsk ang empoyment history ko???txnz bro in advnz!!!hopin for your reply soon…

  635. gerald jader solis says:

    check ko lng po kung nahuhulugan po ng agency ang sss ko salamat po,check ko din po kung mgkanu n po ang naihulog sapol ng ako ay nagtrabaho.

  636. ronnie says:

    panu po ba ma acces uli ung account ko nakalimutan q kasi ung password saka ung id ko??

  637. Tereso L. Juban says:

    i’m giving all the right information as required to register but to no avail, i can’t still log-in WHY?this kind of service is useless…

  638. christopher jiff ballera says:

    check ko po contribution ko if magkanu na po?

  639. jane hermocilla says:

    how can i find my sss contribution status

  640. Ferdinand Paltep says:

    How can i get my SSS no. back?

  641. nestor m regidor jr says:

    ako po c nestor regidor jr gosto kulang po malaman kung magkano n po ang utang ko sa sss kc nag loan po ako tas d ko pa nabayaran

  642. ray oasnon says:

    ako po si ray oasnon tanong ko lng po kung pwede n po b ako mag loan kc 2009 to 2012 po ako nanapos kailangan ko rin po ang print out ng salary loan at contributions

  643. ray oasnon says:

    contributions,salary loan

  644. lester says:

    pano po gumwa acct nung sa register kse nghihinge ng receipt no. or otc eh wala pako nahuhulog thanks

  645. Imelda Del Rosario Lusuegro says:

    sss contribution

  646. chrestine manlangit says:

    good day poh..ask q lng po bout s salary loan q?matatapos n po b yun?pede n poh b uli me mkpgloan …reply on my yahoo id i will wait for your response….

  647. Bryan says:

    the link that the sss sent to me in my email is not like this. when i click the link, i proceed to the member registration. they didn’t send me a a default password. i don’t know the employers id so i can’t finish my registration. can you help me?

  648. ness says:

    i cannot proceed cause they are looking for an EMPLOYER ID. pano yan?

  649. jhoanna Sigua says:

    till now wla p dn me n rereceive n message s email ko gling s sss pero n kpg reg nako online s sss s my east ave.

  650. terrylene escosura says:


  651. Joan says:

    Hndi po ako mkpg proceed kc hinhnp yun employer id..

  652. ALDEA MONFORTE says:

    My SSS online account is blocked. How can I reactivate my account?

  653. teofilomacapagal says:

    maam/sir pwede po bang malaman ang updated dates at total number contribution ko kasi po kailangan po ng print out sa philhealth eto ung no. ko 0340503940 pwede po ba ngayon na thanks po

  654. Bilog says:

    Nakuu…nakuu…di ko alam kung matutuwa o maiinis sa mga taong nagtatanong ng kung ano ano tungkol sa kanilang SSS…blog po ito
    at hindi SSS website…tutorial lang po ito kung paano mapapadali pag access niyo ng inyong membership…kung hindi niyo makumpleto detalyeng hinihingi ng registration form ng SSS website talagang hindi masasagot mga tanong niyo…di na po problema ni bendaggers kung di niyo makumpleto required field anik anik…anyway, thank you po sa tutorial…:)

  655. ERWIN P. DELOS REYES says:

    im asking how much is my sss contribution now?

  656. Arnold Mabonga says:

    gud day.pwd po ba malaman yung sss contribution ko saka po ung loan balance ko?
    thank you!

  657. Milagrito A. Balistoy Jr. says:


  658. Angelicka Eguia says:

    Good Day. Ask ko lang po kung anong gagawin ko kasi nawala yung E-1 form ko. Anong requirements dadalin ko to release my ss number? Kung wala, pwede bang sa hotline nalang tumawag ?

  659. ritzdell cabachete says:

    i am a voluntary member and i cant proceed in registering online, it says that my otc/pay ref # is invalid.. how many digits should i type? thanks..

  660. albert matalog says:

    how can i get verification slip for my sss contribution?

  661. Bethoven,Bernabe says:

    to check my sss contribution

  662. mary rose malabanan says:

    can you just give me may sss number i actually apply sss last 2005

  663. Cresmilo Buan Rosales says:

    Good day! We just like to inquire regarding my SSS remittance.
    Will you please send us the Total Actual Contribution of my SSS as soon as possible I do hope you will give a feed back my concern. Thanks!

    • ReccyReccy says:

      Hi po. parang hindi po pwede dito ung gusto nyong mangyari. Blog po ito at hindi SSS Branch. Kung gusto nyo po, magregister ka ng account mo sa SSS Online. Or pumunta sa branch. Wala pa po akong narinig na may nakakuha ng sss contribution nila sa comment.

      kahit po ang sss, hindi ineentertain ang email eh.

      • charlote says:

        hi po
        ask q lng po .. need q po kc ng static info need po nila ang employer ss id? ano po ba ang kailangan qng gawin? matagal na po kc yung previous job q
        thanks po

  664. jerome salazar says:

    to check my sss contribution

  665. lester says:

    Ask lng po pnu aq mkapg reg ndi w po mtpos ung continuation ng teguster q kz wla p nmn pong hulog ung sss q eh kailngan q pong iverify at mpresent kz required po s ina aplyan q..kya wla p nmn aq rs5 kya ndi q mtapos ung pini fill up q…p help nmn po..tnx

  666. richard b. repollo says:

    pls. be advised my total contribution.. thank you…

  667. eunice says:

    i dont know the sss employer id of my father, he’s working in HSBC, can you help me?

  668. John Eric Braza Evangelista says:

    to check my SSS Contribution

  669. ROSECELIA says:


    • Clyde says:

      Hi Rosecelia, baket mo po hindi itanong sa employer mo ung SSS Number nila? Mahirap po ba yun? Kung sasabihin mo po na wala ka ng contact sa dati mong employer (kung yun po ang sitwasyon mo ngayon) eh hindi na po problema na nagsulat ng tutorial na ito.

      sabi mo po, “KYLNGAN Q P NMN CONTRIBUTION Q”, kung kailangan mo po talaga, gumawa ka ng paraan. Kung ayaw mo naman po, magtiis ka nalang na pumunta sa SSS Office / branch. Baka po mas mapadali ka dun.

      Reader lang din po ako gaya mo pero kahit hindi ko alam ang SSS employer number ko, nalaman ko kasi ginawan ko ng paraan.

  670. Jesica says:

    hindi namen makukuha yung password na ige-generate unless ma-fill namin yung form including the employer id which is yun nga ang hindi namin alam. :(

  671. rolando romanillos tapanan says:

    kailangan ko ng actual contribution ko,,kasi nakalimutan ko ang user ID ko at email address…


      can you please send me my sss id to my permanent address, cabangahan tayak siaton negros oriental..thanks..

  672. Joie says:

    same dilemma with Jhosan.

    can continue with full registration, because I don’t have my last employer’s ID, and SS number.

  673. michelle diaz says:

    nakaregister na po ako. pero baket po ayaw naman pong mag open?

  674. jhosan says:

    i can’t continue my sss registration coz still asking for the employer sss ID which i don’t know anymore. What would I do.

    Thanks waiting for reply

  675. menchie m. marquez says:

    contribution sss?

  676. Nomer Genciana says:

    My problem is SS Number has already been registered when im register at Online Member User ID Registration?

    Pano po maka pag register ulit ng panibago forgot ko po ang aking User ID at password ?

    Please guide me thanks.

  677. rodolfo petiza sepida jr says:

    my sss contributions

  678. Grace A. Bonanza says:

    contribution print out

  679. reynaldo u.balondo says:

    verify ko lang po ung total contribution ko sa sss?

  680. reynaldo u.balondo says:

    my sss total contribution

  681. connie reyes says:

    please help my friend to register in your online member ID registration. His name is silvino manese, jr. and his email add is every time he type his last name its always appears”has discrepancy in last name and also in his email add. Please leave me a reply so that I will guide him according to your suggestion. Thank you very much and God bless.

  682. elmo dagpin cadano says:

    snd me a breakdown for my sss monthly contribution

  683. araceli says:

    Nakapag sign up ako pero hindi naipapadala sa email ko ang user name at password ko..


    how to do my first loan

  685. olan says:

    i follow all those steps but sss reply is just a link and it needs the SSS employer ID number which i don’t know.

  686. Bernadette Briones Montaner says:

    hello… ask ko lng po kung naipasok na po yung contribution ko Yr. 2006 month of Oct-Dec. tnx….

  687. christian bernard masangcay dolor says:

    to check my sss contribution

  688. VIVIAN T. BOTAUAN says:

    i forgot user id and my password in sss

  689. alry says:

    this is not SSS website,this is a blog,teaches us how to make our own online account for us to know our contributions

  690. Leonardo g Banez jr says:

    my total contribution in SSS for required for loan

  691. Mary Jane C. Mallari says:

    please check and i want to know my total contribution thank you

  692. ARLOU SALUDARES says:


  693. RHEA PASCUA says:

    my contribution

  694. Cristel says:

    Hi! good tutorial, however i followed all the steps, but my loan balance is not showing though. Thanks!

  695. Blaine J. Chavez says:

    gusto kung malaman kung ilan na ang actual contribution ko

  696. Natz says:

    Hi! I want to know how many months my sss contributions including my last contribution last March 10, 2013. This is my sss No. 0616868160

  697. Rommel Miclat Manguerra says:

    .check my salary loan balance?

  698. genevieve n. rodriguez says:

    pwede ko po bang malaman yung ilang mos. na contribution ko

  699. Oscar Insierto Esteban says:

    I have been paying my salary loan in the 70’s to my employer Sarmiento Industries Inc. I have been told by friends that said company did not remit salary deductions. Thus, I want to know if I have an outstanding salary loan unpaid as of this date 04-05-2013. My SSS no. is 09-03925334.

  700. hi can i get my static information says:

    can i get my static information/

  701. Maimai says:

    Good Pm. This is with regards po sa sss maternity benefit ko. Found out i was 5 weeks pregnant last Jan.29, expected delivery date ko po is sa Sept. but then i had a miscarriage last feb 22. Nakapagfile na po ako ng maternity notification and submitted it sa HR namin 2nd week of Feb., then a few days back HR called me and ask if may contribution ako for the month of May 2012 ( i was hired by them last June 2012) upon checking online wala po akong hulog for the month of May since nagresign po ako sa previous company ko April 2012. Now ang main concern po ni HR namin is pano ba gagawin if may laktaw akong 1 month. They were tring to contact sa sss para maginquire but no luck sobrang busy ang line. I checked online if eligible ba ko for the mat benefit and i guess i am, ang may concern yata ni HR is pano computation ang gagawin if may laktaw or if i’m really eligible sa benefit.
    I wish you could help me with this concerns

  702. rd says:


    Ask ko lang kung panu ang procedure kung babayadan ko yung balance ko sa sss na 2k plus,para sa ganun makapag renew ko ng mas malaking amortization,anung dapat kung gawin,at kung ganu katagal or kabilis maipost kung mababadan ko yung balance ko.


  703. (Ralph) says:

    This is not a step by step thing, you missed something, after you validate through email it still requires to fill up some information. Most of them are having a hard time to get their employer’s SSS number, i suggest you should mention that not like the one you posted because it still leaves a question mark on their mind.

  704. carine says:

    i don’t think this’ll works. i just tried it and they just emailed me confirmation of my registration and then they let me signed another form, like the first one you shown. and then my problem is that i could not complete the registration because they are asking for my employer’s sss id which i don’t know… i just resigned and i just wanna know how much is my contribution to sss… =(

  705. tess says:

    Hi ,I have actually followed your instructions it works .However my contribution did not appear .Just the information about me and my company .and below there is a “print page”
    what does it mean?

  706. raymond villarante estera says:

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  707. jo anne portillo says:

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  708. marigar says:

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  709. roger montemayor says:

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    I want to know my sss total contributions,i am willing to wait for your responce.Thank you!

  710. Redentor R. Briones says:

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  711. Jomark Lelis Florendo says:

    can i ask how many or how much my total contribution?

  712. Jomark Lelis Florendo says:

    can i ask how many or how much my total contribution?

  713. shara says:

    how can i get my sss print out if i don’t have a receipt and sss number from my previous employer. i need sss print out asap because that is the requirements of my company..

  714. Reyva mae garrovillo gevero says:

    Pki update
    Ung status ko need na xa office tagal ko
    Ng na file un eh nong jan pa pls urgent talaga

  715. Reyva mae says:

    Jan 15 2013 pa ako nag file ng change of status ko until now d pa rin na update!!!kailangan ko natalaga un babalik na ako from maternity liv ko d pa rin ako tpos xa requirements ko kasi d pa din na update status ko..plz namn paki update nu na po urgent na talaga sobrang bagal nu.need ko na action nu

    • Krista Guenco says:

      Hi Reyva Mae,

      Hindi po ito SSS. Hindi ka po pwede mag followup ng status mo dito, ang maganda mong gawin eh sa branch ka po magpunta.

      Blog po ito. Ang maipapayo ko lang po eh pumunta ka ng sss branch talaga, sa ganon, mas makakapag reklamo ka at masasabi mo ang mga hinaing mo.

  716. JO-ANGELYN A. PASCUAL says:

    pwede pakisend sa email ko kung ilang months na ang sss contributions ko,salamat

  717. billie joe layug says: