Social Networking Facts We Shamefully Do!

I happen to stumble on a book about programming, it tells how technology drastically changes from time to time. I read a few sentences on the back cover which quoted that “This generation was the luckiest generation ever. We can do anything with a click and push of a button”. Surely, I can testify to that. Things are different now.

Social Networking Websites has gone too far. It has affected our social life and the activities of people in so many ways. It’s also becoming a part of our day to day living. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, all of them flows from our nerves now and have been a part of our routines. You can think of it as your personal identity in cyberspace. We have our own space and have our own neighborhood. It connects us to our friends and family and put them in a circle that may be easily accessed from time to time.

Social Networking Facts We Shamefully Do

Social Networking is powered by communication and is also heavily abused. Misbehavior is scattered all over the place and the great thing about this is that there is no clear ground rules. Have anyone here read the Terms of Use of Facebook or Twitter or Google+? Please raise your hand, good for you! But for those who haven’t, please hesitate to read. Though it’s not that bad to read those junks, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be wasting your time. Heading straight to my point, people tend to forget that social networking is just like your second life. It reflects everything what you say and what you do. I’ve observed my Facebook feeds and found that few have been violating another person’s privacy.

How do we behave? What are the right things to say? How do we know if our actions are correct? What are the right things to do? Honestly, I’m not part of the solution or the problem. I’m one of the people staying at the back, staring and waiting what’s going to happen next. I run down some important facts and found that there is really a lot of improvement needed from us. And think you’re guilty of it.

To Tag or Untag?

To Tag or Untag

If you are an online entrepreneur and been tagging pictures of your products or services to your 20,000 friends. I suggest that you stop. This is the dirtiest and gross form of marketing. Not all your friends want to be tagged by the slimming pills you’re selling. Others don’t even bother about losing weight. Don’t just unrestrainedly tag every single soul in your friends list for your product. Try to think of others!

The Irritating “Like” Contest.

The Irritating Like Contest

The more “Likes” you have the more chances of winning! I don’t know who the hell invented this type of contest mechanics but it’s really a no–brainer. It’s not even close with a popularity contest! Begging someone to like your picture so that you’ll win a contest can be irritating. Particularly if you’ve been flooding your friend’s wall with your pity status updates. Again, consider that you’re not the only one using Facebook. You’re not alone in this world. Be discreet.

Skip the Arguments.

Skip the Arguments

Social network is like a representation of you. And having your circle of friends in your list is like your little neighborhood. We’re all humans. We have the capacity to get angry. Having a fight with someone else and exchanging rough words with each other over the internet is not the right thing to do. Settle the dispute personally, not publicly. This will lessen the chance of misunderstandings. Watch out the tone of your posts, it might be rude on the other end when people read those curse especially those people who are not involved.

The Elevator Talk.

The Elevator Talk

I have simple rules in posting my status in Facebook or Twitter. “If you can’t say it inside the Elevator full of people, don’t put it online!” I believe that confidential matters should stay “confidential” and not be published online. Your account is easily accessed by millions of users which could use that information to hurt you personally or professionally.



I still wonder why other people try to hide themselves behind other people’s identity. It’s quite annoying actually. I really hate it. What do they get in doing those things, seriously? I don’t get annoyed if they use their favorite cartoon characters or anime as their profile picture, I found it cute. But using other Facebook user’s photos is a No-No. I am fully aware that I am not the hottest and most awesome guy created by God in the face of the earth but I’m proud to show my real identity and prefer to use my own image. It’s a cliché in my post to say it over and over again that Social networking site such as Facebook represents you. Social media have made “trolling” or “posing” much easier but it’s not the right reasons why you should do it. Facebook or Twitter doesn’t require you to take an oath of honesty before signing up. It’s pure integrity. Try to be honest, at least.

The “Friend-ing” Policy.

The "Friend-ing" Policy

Raising the number of your friends doesn’t prove anything. It’s not a popularity contest, my Dear. It doesn’t make you rich either. We’re probably positive that the reason why you’re gunning to reach the maximum figures of friends is to gain some attention. According to Adam Sandler’s Movie Funny People, “…the more online friends you have the less you have in real life!” True or False? You decide. Some people prefer to add Facebook friends who are really their personal friends or someone they know. Keeping their social network account more personalized is way too better than adding hundreds of thousands of total strangers. Besides, you’ll not be talking to all of them anyway. Right? So before hitting that “Add Friend” button, ask yourself first. Does adding another complete stranger really change anything? Does accepting an anonymous person’s “friend request” make you popular? Remember, Quality over Quantity.


So, now that you’ve figured out what’s wrong, you’re looking for a few pointers either to get started or to finesse what you’re doing. One challenge of this social networking journey is that each service seems to have its own lingo and customs. Social networking certainly contributes to this mind numbing growth of information. Personally, Social networking is the high light of the “Dot Com Era” we must use it well for good.

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