Save Money at Sears – A Quick Guide on How to Save Money While You Shop at Sears

We love Sears for its convenience, variety, and prices. We also love tricks and tips that help us save money and reap more benefits when shopping the mega online store.

Looking to save money for the next shopping at Sears? Here’s a quick guide on how to save money while you shop at Sears.

Use Sears Coupon and Discount Codes

Whenever it cross your mind to buy an item, consider using sears coupon. If you buy an item, the sears coupon code will be applied once you entered it correctly before you check out and made your payment. There are three types of sears coupon available online, these are:

  • Percent Discount: This is a flat percentage off a shopper’s entire order. For example, 35% OFF on all Jewelry purchases or 15% OFF on all electronics.
  • Free Shipping: This discount is self explanatory but be careful as to this freebie is country specific only. Some Countries are not covered by this due to the cost incurred is too expensive.
  • Fixed Dollar Amount Discount: The amount indicated in the sears coupon is deducted to the total cost of the customer’s total bill.

Save Money at Sears - A Quick Guide on How to Save Money While You Shop at Sears

Apply for Sears Credit Card

If you are a regular shopper at Sears, I recommend that you open a Sears MasterCard Credit card to save more money on their monthly deals. Sears MasterCard works like a regular credit card. As a holder of Sears MasterCard, some exclusive benefits that you’ll enjoy are cardholder-only sales, an extra 5-20% off on everyday sales and cash back points on every $1 spent. You can redeem it for Sears merchandise, gift cards and travel.

Shop Online

As much as possible, I don’t want to leave the comfort of my couch when I do my shopping. But that’s impossible right? Well, that way before. You can do buy stuffs at Sears online. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to shop online at rather that going to its actual physical store. Plus, it saves you time and trouble. Just make sure to use a sears coupon for a discount!

Save Money at Sears - A Quick Guide on How to Save Money While You Shop at Sears

Sears Latest Deals

Usually, the latest deals or the hot deals are displayed in their landing page of There’s a great deal offered daily that you can find in Deal of the Day site. The only requirement is the purchase should be completed within the day to receive the discount.

Check out the Sears Clearance Section

Don’t forget to check out the Sears Clearance section for the best bargains. You can find the clearance item by using the search functionality in their website. Some items here are new or returned items by others. Just make sure to carefully check on the item for defects. Feel free to return the item if you’re not satisfied.

Sears Gift Cards

Did you know that you can buy a discounted Sears Gift Card online? You can do this by doing a quick search in ebay or just by using google. You can save as much as 25% discount on Sears Gift Card. This is a desperate move and I usually try the discounted Sears Gift cards if I don’t find a great deal in Sears coupon. :)

The Sears Employee

Some might find it too desperate but this might be one of the wisest decision you should consider before purchasing in Sears. Sears Employees are entitle to receive a 10-20% off on selected products. If you know someone, maybe a relative or a close friend, ask him/her to make the purchase for you. The employee will automatically get the discount if the item comply with the criteria found in the Associate Discount Policy of Sears.

So there you have it, have fun shopping at Sears!

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