PSE Stock Trading Hours

So you’ve decided to invest your extra money in the stock market. Good for you! As a rookie in Stock Market, it is important that you are aware of the PSE Stock Trading Hours.

Before diving into the chaotic bull market, it’s best that you know the daily trading schedules so you can plan ahead your stock trading activity for the day.

I’ll go ahead and be straight forward to this ’cause this topic don’t need extensive introductions.

PSE Stock Trading Hours / Schedule

Market Pre Open

9:00AM to 9:29AM Stock trading orders can be placed but not yet executed. All orders are placed in queue.

Market Opens

9:30AM to 11:59AMQueued Stock orders (from Market Pre Open) are executed and matched. Orders can be place regularly between this period.

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Market Recess

12:00PM to 1:29PMStock Market is (temporarily) closed for one and half (1 1/2) hour. Ordering and Matching is not allowed this time.

Market Resumes

1:30PM to 3:16PMStock Market resumes. Regular stock trades are processed within this period.

Market Pre-Close

3:17PM to 3:19PMStock trades placed cannot be removed completely or altered once it entered this period.


3:20PM to 3:29PM Additional orders placed on Market Pre-Close are matched. Last chance for the trade to be executed. Trades that are not matched or executed will be placed in queue for the next day.

Market Close

3:30PM up to the Next Day’s Pre OpenStock Market is closed. No transaction is process (orders and matching). If you’re a COL Financial user, you may be able to place orders when Market is Close and will be executed when the Market Opens.

I hope you find this post about PSE Stock Trading Hours helpful! If you have something to say, just leave a comment below.

Have a great day!

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