What Are The Postal ID Requirements?

Are you trying to apply for a Postal ID?

Postal ID is one of the several government Valid IDs that are recognized by the majority of the establishments in the country.

Postal ID is used to easily verify the owner’s identity as well as the address.

Based on my experience, Postal ID is one of the easiest Valid ID to obtain because I can easily get all the Postal ID requirements in my portfolio.

The Postal ID Requirements are:

Three copies of a 2×2 photograph

Our Postal Office requires the applicant of the Postal ID to submit 2×2 photo. Unlike the SSS ID, our Postal Office doesn’t have a Photo Capture/Imaging facility to take care of your photo. So you’ll be spending P30 to P100 (depending on your location) for this.

Duly Accomplished Application Form

Another Postal ID requirements is the completely filled up Application Form. A Postal ID Application form is provided to you for free when you apply for a Postal ID. The Application Form is easily downloadable in the PhilPost official Website.

Here’s an example of the Application form:

Postal ID Application form

The Application form can be easily filled up with your basic personal information.

Original NSO or LSO Birth Certificate

An authenticated Birth Certificate is required. This will prove that you’re not using a fake name when you apply for the Postal ID.

Marriage Contract for Married Applicants

For Married Applicants, it is required to submit your NSO issued Marriage contract.

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