Quick Way To Have your Postal ID: A Step by Step Guide On Your Journey For Postal ID Application

Instead of sitting around at home and do nothing while having my five days vacation leave, I decided to get my very first postal ID. I really wanted to open a bank account to save up but unfortunately, the bank requires two valid IDs. The Bank Representative suggested that I should get a Postal ID since it is very easy to get. Second, the Municipal Hall is near from the bank which is where the Postal Office is located. My experience applying for a Postal ID was pretty much boring. It took me 30 minutes to get one. However, it cost me some extra bucks to get my hands to my precious Postal ID.

Quick Way To Have your Postal ID - A Step by Step Guide On Your Journey For Postal ID Application

A Postal ID is one of the valid identification card you can easily obtain. You can get your Postal ID from the nearest Postal Office in your community. Postal ID Application can last for an hour to one day of waiting. Well, it depends upon the situation. Sometimes, there are too many postal ID applicants that the Post Office will delay the release of your ID.
To apply for you Postal ID, here are the few and very easy steps:

Download and print two (2) copies of the Postal ID application form. Fill out the required information needed in the Postal ID Application Form.

The Postal ID Application form can be obtain here: Download Postal ID Application Form .

The Postal ID requirements you need to bring are the following: two (2) pieces of 2×2 ID picture with white background, Barangay Clearance and Cedula (Community Tax Certificate).

Once you have all the Postal ID requirements, Go to your Barangay Hall to obtain a Barangay Clearance. Also, bring your accomplished Post ID Application Form and ask the Officer in charge that you need your Barangay Chairman to sign your Postal ID Application Form. If your Barangay Chairman is not available, your Barangay Clearance will suffice it. My Postal Application Form was not signed by our Chairman since he was not around and the officer in charge said that the Postal Office will honor the Barangay Clearance they had given me.

After that, you can now go to your Postal Office and submit your Postal ID Application Form, two pieces of 2×2 Picture, Barangay Clearance and your Cedula.

When you submit your Postal ID Application, ask them if the form needs to be Notarized. A collegue of mine was asked to notarize his Postal ID Application Form. But to be sure ASK FIRST so that you’ll not be wasting your money. Notarial Fee for your Postal Id Application Form cost around P150.

The Postal Office will give you your blank Postal ID to let you put your thumb mark. You know where your thumb, right?

Postal ID cost P315 only.

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They will tell you when they will release your Postal ID. It’s either you wait for a while or you wait until the next working day. Totally depends on the Postal Office. : D

Some Postal Office offers its Postal ID application a “rush application”. If you badly need it and too lazy to come back the next day, you need to shell out extra bucks to get your Postal ID instantly. Keep in mind that this “rush application” process is unreceipted. Why unreceipted? Of course, because it’s more fun in the Philippines! Right? Lol.

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