Simple Steps on How To Apply for a Philippine Passport

If you’re fond of travelling, I bet a cross country adventure had crossed your mind. But before you get to start packing your suitcases and head down to your Safari or Asian adventure, you need to secure first the very basic document you’re required to have before traveling abroad. Yes, we’re talking about your Philippine Passport.

Philippine Passport is a forty four (44) page, valid travel document and considered as a primary national identification document which allows us to travel outside the country. Passports can be easily obtained in the Office of Consular Affairs – Department of Foreign Affairs which is Aseana Business Park along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard corner Bradco Avenue.

Simple steps on how to apply for a Philippine Passport.

The application of Philippine passport is very easy as long as you’re familiar with what’s going to happen and the right things to do. Remember that it’s easier to do things when you know everything and anticipate the things that could happen if you’re applying for a Philippine Passport. To put an end to the endless questions that Philippine Passport applicants ask, I have written down important requirements that can help you acquire your Philippine Passport whether it’s your first time to apply or renewal.

For First Time Applicants:

Since you’re applying for an Official Government Document (Philippine Passport), it’s a common and public knowledge that everyone is required to submit documents. It’s in my routine whenever I apply for something; I secure first all the necessary documents needed before visiting the Office or Agency where I want to apply with. Anyway, Philippine Passport requirements are:

  • 1. Duly accomplished Philippine Passport Application Form – print a copy of the Philippine Passport Application Form here.I recommend that you print and accomplish at least two copies so that you’ll have a reserve copy.
  • 2. Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO or Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.
  • 3. Proof of Identity / Supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth and citizenship – meaning other identification document that proves your identity. In my experience, I brought two of documents just to be sure.  Below is the list of the documents that you can bring:
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Land Title
  • Driver’s License
  • Government Service Record
  • School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with dry seal
  • Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship
  • Voter’s Registration Record from COMELEC Intramuros
  • Baptismal Certificate with dry seal
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Income Tax Return (Old)
  • NBI Clearance

If you’re a married woman who wants to use the surname of your spouse:

Just bring your Marriage Certificate (MC) in Security Paper issued by NSO or Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO. And fill up your Philippine Passport Application Form using your spouse’s last name.

If you’re a married woman who wants revert back to their maiden name:

  • If you’re a widowed, then the Death Certificate of the deceased husband will suffice.
  • If you’re annulled: A Photocopy and a Certified True Copy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on annulment and NSO-issued MC with the annotation on the annulment decree.
  • And, if you’re Divorced: Certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on divorce secured by foreign spouse authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce is obtained.

If you are a Minor:

Application of Philippine Passport for Minors is quite complicated since they have to bring someone with them since they are in Minor age. First, you need to know if the applicant is Legitimate or Illegitimate. If the Philippine Passport Applicant is a Minor and in LEGITIMATE Status, a personal appearance of EITHER parents. If the Philippine Passport is a Minor and in ILLEGITIMATE Status, a personal appearance of the Mother  is required.

If you are a Minor and both your Parents are in abroad:

If you’re a Philippine passport applicant and you are a Minor, you are required to present the following:

  • 1. Affidavit of support and consent (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General if not executed before a Consul).
  • 2. Special Power of Attorney (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General if not executed before a Consul designating the representative by name and authorizing him to apply for a passport on behalf of the minor).

If you are a Muslim and your birth certificate is not registered:

If you’re a Philippine passport applicant and you are a Muslim and your Birth Certificate is not registered, you must bring the following as your Philippine Passport requirements:

  • 1. Late registered Birth Certificate in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by NSO.
  • 2. Original and photocopy of Voter’s Affidavit or other supporting documents indicating date and place of birth and citizenship and tribal affiliation.
  • 3. And lastly, a copy of Certificate from the Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA).

If you are a Muslim Convert:

You must submit as a Philippine Passport requirement the following:

  • 1. Submit the annotated Birth Certificate in Security Paper.
  • 2. Court Order granting change name.
  • 3. Shari’ah Court Order
  • 4. OMA Certificate of Registration

For Philippine Passport Renewals:

Bear in mind that before you go to DFA, please don’t forget to duplicate or triplicate all necessary requirements to avoid wasting time in applying for Philippine Passport.

If you are applying for Philippine Passport Renewal with Brown Passport (issued before May, 1 1995)

  • 1.Old passport and photocopy of passport pages 1,2,3, 4 (amendment). The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • 2.Original valid ID.
  • 3.Birth Certificate from NSO in Security Paper (SECPA)
  • 4.Negative Birth Record from NSO if born 1950 & below and Joint Birth Affidavit from Two Disinterested Persons; and supporting document showing complete Middle Name

If you are applying for Philippine Passport Renewal with Green Passport (issued after May, 1 1995)

  • 1.Present passport and photocopy of pages 1,2,3 (amendment) and last page.
  • 2.The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • 3.Photocopy of Birth Certificate for minor applicants.
  • 4.For illegitimate minor, personal appearance of mother is required.

If you are applying for Philippine Passport Renewal with Maroon Passport (Machine Readable)

  • 1.Present passport and photocopy of pages 1,2,3 (amendment) and last page.
  • 2.The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • 3.Photocopy of Birth Certificate for minor applicants.
  • 4.Original Birth Certificate from NSO in Security Paper (SECPA) if city/municipality & province on birth place is not specific (Example: NCR instead of San Juan, Metro Manila)
  • 5.For illegitimate minor, personal appearance of mother is required.

Also, Please don’t forget to bring other supporting documents as additional Philippine Passport Requirements (if available) such as: Marriage Certificate, Land Title, Driver’s License, Government Service Record, School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with dry seal, Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and/or citizenship, Voter’s Registration Record from COMELEC Intramuros, Baptismal Certificate with dry seal, Seaman’s Book, Income Tax Return (Old), NBI Clearance.

Schedule an Appointment.

Since you’re already done with completing all the Philippine passport requirements, you can now set an appointment for your Philippine Passport Application. To do this, you can simply go directly to their website. Set a Philippine Passport Application Appointment here.

You can also try calling the DFA Philippine Passport Appointment Hotline (02) 737-1000. You don’t have to worry in calling the DFA Philippine Passport Appointment System, a Customer Care Officer will assist you in scheduling an appointment. He/She will ask you about your personal information. To avoid giving out wrong information, make sure that you have the filled out Philippine Passport Application Form in front of you so you can easily read it.  The Customer Care Officer will give your Philippine Passport Appointment Reference Number, take note of it. He/She will also give a Print Code, take note also of that. You’ll need that to print new application form.

I really suggest that you utilize and take advantage of the Online Appointment System of Philippine Passport Application to avoid any hassles. It’s much more efficient to the applicants of Philippine Passport because of its real time service and process effectively. Take note that you will choose the date to schedule your Philippine Passport Application. Be careful of choosing the date, make sure that you don’t have any other activities that day to avoid conflicts with your schedule and not showing up. If you missed the appointment date, you can set another appointment but expect to wait again for your scheduled appointment date to arrive.

Some notes to ponder: It is proven and tested that Department of Foreign Affairs located at some selected provinces who handles Philippine Passport Application provides faster processing time compared in Manila. So before heading down to Manila, try first the DFA Provincial Offices.

Appointment Date Arrives.

When your Philippine Passport Application Appointment Date arrives, please make sure that you show up on time. Expect long lines, so be patient. In my experience, I scheduled my Philippine Passport Application in the morning then arrive at around 6AM. There are few applicants already but I got in the first twenty applicants for that day. But for others who don’t what to arrive very early at the DFA, you can go there 30 minutes to 1 hour before scheduled time. Just make sure not to be late. Late comers are not entertained.

If you’re not familiar with the location of the Office of Consular Affairs – Department of Foreign Affairs, you can refer to the location map provided below:

DFA Philippine Passport Location Map

Important tip, you need to go to DFA and the nearest landmark is the Baclaran Church and the SM Mall of Asia. From MOA, you can just ride a bus going to DFA. If you’re in Baclaran, you can cross the pedestrian lane and turn to Bradco Street Avenue which is the S&R Department Store is located.

With regards to the Dress Code, I advise you NOT to wear any white top (white polo, white long sleeves or white blouse). All other colors are allowed. I am asking you to do this because the Philippine Passport Imaging/Photo Facility has a white background. You don’t want your photo to end up with floating head floating on a white sheet.

In my opinion, you should make sure that you look good on that day. Remember that they will be taking a photo of you. And that photo will appear at your Philippine Passport until it expires. At least comb your hair, take a bath (lol) and shave your beards (applicable to both men and women applicants).

When you arrive at the place, present your printed Philippine Passport Application form to the Appointment Counter. Get your Queue number at the Information Counter and wait for your number to appear at the monitor including Processing Window you should go to process your application.

Proceed to Passport Enrollment Section located at the Second Floor of the building and pay the appropriate Philippine Passport Fees. The Philippine Passport costs:

  • Regular Processing: Php 950.00 (15 working days)
  • Rush Processing: Php 1,200.00 (7 working days)
  • An additional fee of Php 200.00 will be charged for processing of Lost Passports if it is still valid.

You Philippine Passport is valid for five (5) years from the date of issue. Once lapsed, you need to run through the process of renewal.

There you go. We’ve just tackle the important aspects of applying a Philippine Passports. Do you have any question? Just leave it down belowin the comments section. Thanks!

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