My Experience in Applying for My Second Pag Ibig Loan

Two years ago, I applied for my very first Pag Ibig Loan. It was just a plain and simple process and took me few minutes to accomplish writing personal information and some details needed in the loan application form.

It was a piece of cake!

Then I brought the accomplished form to my Employer’s HR department and submit it together with the other required documents.

I waited for a week.

Then there’s this email from our HR Personnel telling me that the check from Pag Ibig is ready for pick up. The feeling having my very first loan was unexplainable. And the best thing about having a Pag Ibig Loan was you didn’t even noticed paying it because the monthly payment/ monthly amortization was too immaterial!

Though I still have P400 plus balance from my first Pag Ibig Loan, I decided to apply for a renewal of my Pag Ibig loan. I immediately gathered all the requirements and start working on my second Pag Ibig Loan.

To help you with your loan application, I have written helpful guide how I did it. Start reading them right down below!

Pag Ibig (MPL) Short Term Loan Application Form

First thing to do is to accomplish their Pag Ibig Multipurpose Loan Application Form (MPLAF) . This is the basic requirement in applying a loan. Download the Pag Ibig MPL Short Term Loan below and print it.

Pag Ibig Application Form

Download Pag Ibig Multipurpose Loan Application Form (MPLAF) Here

It is a two paged loan application form that you need to accomplish and should be submitted to your employer (if you are Employed).

Pag Ibig Application Form

Download Pag Ibig Multipurpose Loan Application Form (MPLAF) Here

In some cases, the second page is ignored. Especially when you are unemployed. My advice for the Employed Members applying for a Pag ibig Loan, just hand it over to your Employer’s HR Representative. If it’s required for a signature, he/she will tell you what to do.

Requirements in Applying Pag Ibig Loan

When I submitted my loan application, I am really sure that besides the Pag Ibig Loan Application Form, I was required to attach the photocopies of documents that can prove my identity. This is a security measure imposed by Pag Ibig to avoid another individual to use your name and avail a loan.

For your reference and information, you can photocopy two valid IDs and attach it together with yor loan application. What I attached was my Passport and my SSS UM (Unified Multipurpose ) ID.

See the List of Acceptable Valid ID’s in the Philippines for your reference.

Another thing, some Employer requires its Employee to attach their One Month Payslip. It’s no hassle because you have a copy of it right?

I submitted my loan application to our HR Department to be processed. The HR personnel acknowledge the receipt of my Pag Ibig Loan Application form by sending me an email. By the way, In my case, I’m not the one who will process my loan application. It’s my employer who will do the actual processing to the Pag ibig Branch.

They also told me that it will take Five to Eight Days processing.

The day of claiming the Pag Ibig Loan Check have arrived! Actually, there’s no difference from my previous. I get the same check with my Pag Ibig Loan Detail. You can read about my 1st Pag Ibig Loan Application Experience here.

So there you go, that’s how i apply my second Pag Ibig Loan. Thank you!

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6 Responses to My Experience in Applying for My Second Pag Ibig Loan

  1. Cha ro says:

    Ilan days po ba mkukuha ang pag ibig loan!?

  2. Julio pincas says:

    How about ex-ofw but presently i have housing loan and active member contribution from 2010 to a present 2016. I qualified to have MPL loan for the future business . ? At the same time my wife is OFW too. It is possible that i am qualified borrower? Thanks.

  3. Char says:

    Mas mataas ba yung second loan mo kesa sa 1st loan? Tanong lan po

  4. Mark says:

    How much you got in the first and the second loan??? it is true that the second loan is increased by 2???


    • arlyn contado says:

      my husband submit a loan appliction last november 11,2016 . but until now he never receive any text from pag ibig. how many week do the loan will be receive or text us for the check..thank you pls reply..

  5. Mavie says:

    Hello.i just want to ask how much you can get for your secound multi purpose loan??is it the same amount you get from your 1st MPL?or ut can double for 2nd???
    Pls reply Thank you^_^