Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting BenDaggers.com, the site that features tips, how to guides and tutorials for lost souls in the vast internet universe who are hungry for guidance and new learning!

How It All Started

BenDaggers.com was the master piece of Ben Michael Oracion. It made its first public appearance late 2004 I activated the blog feature in my Friendster account. My friendster blog only offers my personal thoughts and ideas that covers my daily activities.

It was only a part of my Friendster profile then I’ve been addicted writing stuffs since several people are visiting, commenting and reading my blog. I never thought that that not so serious blog will come this far.

August 2010, after almost five years of residence in Friendster, I decided to move my blog one level higher by migrating the it to Blogger.com. BenDaggers.Blogspot.Com was born that day. It was the start of a very fruitful and fulfilling passion.

It was never easy during Blogger.com days.

Learning is the most delighting part. Everything started from scratch. I have to learn everything from simple HTML/CSS or even Jquery. I also got to study the nitty gritty of SEO. Never thought of that before.


In addition to columns written by Ben, a core team of contributors such as Red Magpantay, Kleigh Heart Garcia and Nico Robin Salazar provides handful of articles. BenDaggers.com also took the liberty to offer its space in the world wide web to the works of unheard voices. It encourages the readers to submit their own articles and be published on the website.

BenDaggers.COM is still young as of this moment but I will follow its progress. To be honest, I don’t have solid foundations in Blogging Industry. But I do have is simple goals, most of them are simple, few of are stupid but I still strive to succeed. I put my heart on it and pray to God to see some good results.