Innity Review – Philippines

I’ve been with Innity for about two years now and I strongly believe that it’s time that I share my personal experience with them.

It was a regular day of a (part time) Blogger when I was approached through email by Innity’s Business Development Executive to become a part of their company. The email just contains invitation to sign up with them.

I didn’t doubt Innity as a fraud so I immediately signed up. Few days later and I was approved which was the right time because I was looking for more stable secondary Advertising Network to boost my monthly earnings.

I was with Nuffnang already and the problem with them is I can’t entrust the advertising spaces that I’m willing to provide.

Since this is only a “secondary” source of income (because i really depend on with full trust with Google Adsense), I didn’t expect too much from them.

So I gambled with Innity. Let’s examine Innity from top to bottom:

Innity’s Site Requirements

In applying in any Advertising Network, there are always site requirements to be met. In Innity, some of them are just plain old simple requirements that I can also encounter in any other Advertising Networks’ site requirements.

In summary, these requirements are:

  • Website has to be fully functional and does not contain any “under construction” section.
  • Adult content or link from or to any adult materials is prohibited.
  • Website must not infringe any personal, intellectual property or copyrights. That includes audio, video, online streaming and file sharing.
  • Has a unique and decent regular page visitors.

You can read the complete Innity site requirements here.

Innity Review - Philippines

I didn’t find any trouble meeting their site requirements. I am fully aware that I didn’t violate any conditions and the fact that I was invited to sign up, flags my website to be cleared in any of their requirements.

Application & Approval

I was then redirected to an application form that needs to be filled up for the application of membership in Innity. I didn’t worry about it because these are only basic information about me and my website.

During filling up their application form, a certain portion of the form catches my eye.


In the above image, I am requested to provide my site’s monthly unique visitors and page views. It also asks me to provide an image or screenshot of my traffic report.

“Should have a minimum of 200,000 page views per month and Should have a minimum of 40,000 unique visitors per month…”

Take note of Innity’s site requirement with regards to site’s unique visitor and page views per month.  Two Hundred Thousand page views in a month is no joke for a beginner blog. That’s pretty steep!

When I was signing up, I provided them a screen shot of my Google Analytics (Audience Overview) for one year to show them that I am worthy to receive their approval.


Accroding to them, it takes up to five (5) working days to get approval or rejection status.

I’ve met all their criteria then it’s a GO! for my application.

Innity Ads Integration in your website

The Innity Ads integration to my website is just like Nuffnang or Adsense. A Javascript code is given that must be placed in any parts of the site to be able to display Innity Ads.

Nothing fancy around here. Nuffnang and Adsense also asks their Publishers to do this.

If you are a newbie WordPress, Blogger (Blogspot), Tumblr or Joomla user who doesn’t have any idea how to place the Javascript code, there are lots of tutorials written on how to do it.

Unfortunately, Innity doesn’t have a step by step guide how to add their Innity codes for their Publishers. But this is very easy to do, just a simple copy and paste task. You just need to know where to paste exactly those codes.

Types Of Ads Offered

Innity offers different ad types to its publishers. I can choose the type of ads which most suitable for my blog. The beauty of this is that I can approve or reject a specific advertiser that will be shown in my website. But their advice the Publishers to maximize the earnings, by accepting all the advertisements to be shown in your websites. Whatever the type of the ads will be.

There are five (5) types of ads offered by Innity. These are

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – This means, for every 1000 times an ad is served or shown in my website, I will get a certain amount of money. For example, PHP100 per CPM. Unfortunately, the cost per CPM is not disclosed by Innity to its Publishers.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – Innity will pay its Publishers for the leads generated on my site. For example, product trial sign up, submission of survey, newsletter signup or registration. In my experience, this type of ads are the hardest ad type to generate an earnings.

Cost Per Click (CPC) – The computation of earnings is based on the users click on the ads.

Cost Per Engagement (CPE) – With cost-per-engagement, Innity Publishers generate earnings when website visitors choose to engage with the ads. For example, by hovering over them for three seconds to expand the ads or automatically play the video.

Cost Per View (CPV) – Innity will pay its Publishers when a the website’s visitor viewed or watches the video in the advertisement.

Payment Mode

Payments are made after 60 days from the end of the month with a minimum cash out of PHP 1,500. Payments can be done through Bank Transfer or Check Payment which I can pick up by dropping by in their office in Makati.

Innity Review - Philippines

Honestly, I find it very inconvenient when withdrawing my earnings with Innity. Innity’s payment system is too long. Sixty days of waiting is too long for me.

Let’s put it this way: For December 2014 Earnings, I can get my hands on the cash on first week of March 2015. Sixty Days.

Siiiiiiiiiiixtyyyyyyyyyyyy Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaays!

Unlike Google Adsense, I just need to wait for about 20 to 25 days then the payment is ready for pick up in Western Union.

Payments are also processed if your earnings reached their payment threshold which is P1,500. Which is pretty fair. Google Adsense and Innity also have this. Innity’s payment threshold is the lowest compared to the two.

That also means, If your earnings didn’t reached their threshold, you will not receive any payments from them (for now) and the earnings will be carried over to the next month.

Once payment has been transferred to my bank account, I can check my updated Payment History which reflects the recent payment they have made. According to their FAQ Page:

No, we do not send out any email notifications on the payment. Instead, you can refer to the payment history page in your account, as this would be updated once the payment has been made. For any further clarifications, you can raise a support ticket.

If you’re payment mode is Bank Transfer, you need to watch out for the unidentified amount credited to your account to confirm if your Innity’s payment went through.

Innity Support

Innity has a great way to support their Publishers. They have a place where Publishers can easily send their issues by sending a Support Ticket.

In my experience, Innity replies right away. Unfortunately, replying immediately doesn’t mean that they will address your concern immediately. As of this writting, I have two (2) unresolved support ticket. The first one was created December 17, 2014 and the other one was on January 8, 2014.

Innity Review - Philippines

I’m not sure if my concern is very critical or too complex to address. I just need to see my UPDATED Payment History and my UPDATED Payee Information. Correct me if I’m wrong but these concerns are just basic.

I would be glad if the 60 days payment term will be shorten down and please (For the love of God), Update my Payment History and Payee Information. :)

Perks of being an Innity Publisher

I’m sorry but there is none. lol.

Seriously, Innity doesn’t have any perks offered to its Publishers. No freebies, No featured website for the month, No Publisher’s Community gatherings, etc. Innity provides services as what you need to expect to any Advertising Networks. Simple as that. For me, it’s fine. As long as Innity provide Ads to my website and pays me on time. :)

Should I choose Innity over Google Adsense?


I still prefer Google Adsense as my primary Ads provider. They still generate the largest income. Plus, they have tons of Advertisers that willing to pay the Publishers. This industry is fueled by the paying Advertisers. Innity still needs to find more Advertisers to grow their network.

The Bottom Line.

I am recommending Innity for the Publishers who’s goal is to generate a decent earnings monthly.

I would like to reiterate that the issues or concerns that I have stated above are tolerable concerns which needs to be addressed by their Management for improvement.

Innity will be staying here at BenDaggers.COM and be my secondary Advertising Network.

Have something to add to my review? Do you want to ask me something that I missed above? Leave it in the comments.

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2 Responses to Innity Review – Philippines

  1. olibeeros says:

    hello, i recently got approved for innity and very much excited since I dont have Adsense haha I have questions though and I think youre da best one to answer this since uv been with innity for the longest time..
    1. I promote my article on specific groups that are related to my niche, say 10 groups, is that allowed?
    2. Sometimes I get too excited so I check my post’s social media shares too often by refreshing the page, is that ok? am i affecting impression?
    3. what are some important points that I should know based on your experience that waz not disclosed by innity?
    Hope you can help me I love Innity! Its my only way of monitizing my blog traffic :(

  2. Joey Sarenas says:

    This is gold.