I Need To Know My Total SSS Contribution

Do you need to know how much is your Total SSS Contribution from the time you registered as a member of SSS?

Before, you can do that by simply going to the nearest SSS Branch and ask for a copy of your total contribution (that was a long time ago!). Today, since SSS have their website now, we can easily verify the total amount of SSS Contribution at the comfort of our homes and without going to the SSS Branch. You can verify your total SSS contribution thru their website by logging in to your SSS Online Inquiry Account.

SSS Online Inquiry of your Total Contribution

Don’t get too excited. Before you can log in to SSS Online Inquiry feature of SSS Website, you need to register your SSS Number first to use their SSS Online Inquiry (the previous link will bring you to my blog we’re I discuss on how to register an account with SSS). The process is very simple, you just need to provide some personal information such as your complete name, SSS number and the most important, your Employer’s SSS Number. It is very important that you provide your Employer’s SSS number since SSS Online Inquiry Registration will not let you go to the next step if you can’t provide it.

If you are a SSS self-employed, Non-Working Spouse, OFW and Voluntary member, you need to provide your SBR Number. The SBR Number is found in the receipt you received upon paying your SSS contribution.

Once you’ve successfully registered, log in using your SSS User name and Password in their SSS online Inquiry website.

I Need To Know My Total SSS Contribution - Log In

Log In for SSS Online Inquiry Members is at the left side of your screen. When you arrive at the SSS Online Menu, click on the Online Inquiry link

I Need To Know My Total SSS Contribution - Menu

A new window will be opened. Once the new will loaded it’s content, on the top menu, hover over Member Info and click on the SSS Actual Premiums (see image below for reference).

I Need To Know My Total SSS Contribution - SSS Actual Premium

The SSS Actual Premium Link will bring you to the page where your Total Contribution will be shown.

I Need To Know My Total SSS Contribution - Total SSS Contribution

The page will display Total Number of SSS Contributions Displayed (A), Total Number of SSS Contributions not Displayed (B), Total Number of SSS Contributions Posted (A + B) and lastly the Total Amount of SSS Contributions.

You can now verify if your good Employer remitted all the SSS Deductions from your Monthly Salary. If there is discrepancy or Monthly Contribution unremitted, don’t hesitate to ask your Company. Usually, the department handling this concern is Human Department or Payroll Department.

Do you want to have a hard copy of your Total SSS Contribution?

On the same page (where your Total SSS Contribution is displayed), look at the bottom of the page and click on the “Printable Version” then click OK. The Total SSS Contribution Page will be formatted accordingly. Click the “Print” link and the print window will pop out. Click OK if you’re now ready to Print your Total SSS Contribution.

I Need To Know My Total SSS Contribution - Print Total SSS Contribution

Piece of cake, right? Did you experience any trouble? Any concerns or just need to be heard? Shout it out in the comments section!

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