How To Open A Bank Account in Banco de Oro (BDO)

If you want to open a bank account, I am very sure that Banco De Oro (BDO) is one of your bank listed in your choices. In order to open a new account in BDO or Banco De Oro, you must provide some information to the bank. Today we’ll learn about how to open a bank account in Banco De Oro. You’ll have a newly opened BDO bank account in no time.

Choose the nearest BDO Branch which is very convenient for you. You can view the list of BDO Branches at the official website of Banco de Oro (BDO) Branch Directory.

When you have decided on which BDO Branch you want to open your Banco de Oro (BDO) account, bring the following documents/requirements:

  • Two (2) valid IDs (with your picture on it and signature)
  • Two photocopies of your Valid IDs
  • Any proof of billing under your name.
  • and 1 piece 1 x 1 ID picture

Fill out the BDO NEW Accounts Application form. Write legibly and avoid any erasures. Remember, right minus wrong. (lol)

List of BDO Deposit Products & BDO Accounts Initial Deposit Requirements

Account Type Minimum Initial Deposit
Peso Checking Account
Regular Checking Account PHP 5,000.00
Smart Checking – Personal PHP 15,000.00
Smart Checking – Commercial PHP 25,000.00
Super Checking PHP 100,000.00
Peso Checking Account Payroll PHP 100.00
Automatic Transfer – Savings Account ATF Personal PHP 25,000.00
Checking Account ATF Personal PHP 0.00
Automatic Transfer – Savings Account ATF Commercial PHP 50,000.00
Checking Account ATF Commercial PHP 0.00
Peso Savings Account
Peso Passbook Savings Account (with or without ATM) PHP 5,000.00
Peso ATM (without passbook) PHP 2,000.00
Kabayan Peso Savings Account PHP 50.00
Peso Savings Account Payroll PHP 100.00
Junior Savers Club PHP 500.00
Power Teens Club PHP 2,000.00
Club 60 Peso PHP 5,000.00
Direct Deposit Peso Savings Account PHP 0.00
Smart Guarantor PHP 60,000.00
Optimum Savings Account – Personal PHP 30,000.00
Optimum Savings Account-Commercial PHP 50,000.00
Super Savings PHP 100,000.00
Super Savings – ATF PHP 100,000.00
Dollar Savings Account
Dollar Savings Account USD 200.00
Kabayan Dollar Savings Account USD 100.00
Club 60 Dollar USD 200.00
Direct Deposit Dollar Savings Account USD 0.00
Dollar Super Saver USD 10,000.00
Third Currency Savings Account
Euro Savings Account EUR 500.00
Yen Savings Account JPY 50,000.00
GBP Savings Acccount GBP 200.00
Canadian Dollar Savings Account CAD 1,000.00
Hongkong Dollar Savings Account HKD 500.00
Australian Dollar Savings Account AUD 200.00
Singapore Dollar Savings Account SGD 200.00
Chinese Yuan Savings Account CNY 2, 500.00
Term Account
Peso Time Deposit PHP 1,000.00
Kabayan Peso Time Deposit PHP 1,000.00
Premium Flexi Earner PHP 10,000.00
Dollar Time Deposit USD 1,000.00
Kabayan Dollar Time Deposit USD 1,000.00
Mega Savings Dollar USD 500,000.00
Three Year Dollar Time Deposit USD 50,000.00
Five Year Dollar Time Deposit USD 50,000.00

You can also refer to BDO Initial Deposit / Balance Requirement at their website here.

Once finished, you will be instructed to give your initial deposit for your newly opened BDO Account. Refer to the list below for the BDO Deposit Products and BDO Accounts Initial Deposit Requirement.

Your BDO Account is now in process and your BDO ATM card will be available for pick up after three (3) to five (5) working days at the same BDO Branch.

Opening a new bank account in BDO is easy right? Would you open a new bank account with them? Tell us in the comments.

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