Learn How to get your SSS Static Information!

SSS Static Information can easily obtained by logging in to your My.SSS account. It’s very easy to do this and don’t require you to visit the nearest SSS branch here in NCR. The only requirement you need to have is your My.SSS account which you can register in few minutes by supplying your SSS Number, your Employer’s SSS number and other personal detail.

SSS Static Information includes your SSS Number, your Complete Name Date of Birth and Date of Coverage.

So how do we get our SSS Static Information? Simple! With out any further adieu, lets begin to get our SSS Static Information!

Learn How to get your SSS Static Information

How to get your SSS Static Information

Log in using your My.SSS account here. If you don’t have one yet, here’s a guide on how to register a SSS Online Inquiry account. Enter your My.SSS Username and Password then click Submit to continue your SSS Static Information inquiry.

What Is My SSS Static Information - Image 1

Once arrived at the Main  Menu, click the Online Inquiry to view your SSS Static Information.
What Is My SSS Static Information - Image 2
Right after the page loads, you’ll be able to see your SSS Static Information at the upper left portion of your screen. Your SSS Static information is automatically displayed.  You can also see the detailed SSS Static Information under Member Info then Member Details.
What Is My SSS Static Information - Image 3
If you want to have a hard copy of it you can simply print your SSS Static Information by just simply click the Printable Version at the bottom of the page. Then you’re good to go to print it.
Did you find it difficult to get your SSS Static Information? Tell us what you think in the comment section! Have a great day!

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  1. REYNANTY S. CASO says:

    please help me to get my static employment

  2. Glenn S. Gonzales says:

    good day po pa send naman po print out ng sss static information ko salamat po…sa email ko nalang po…

  3. Reina Jhoana G. Sasot says:

    Good day!
    Please help to send to my email below my sss static information.

  4. Alejandro Ambayec says:

    static report

  5. denver edquilang echaure says:

    how to get static info

  6. kathrine gail gregorio says:

    pls give my static information so that i can print for my employments requirments..


    informition about my father victorino levantino labayo


    pls give my static information so that i can print it for my seaman’s requirements ..



  10. leah c. caido says:

    i just want to get my static info

  11. Nerissa V. Agtarap says:

    I loss my sss number. How can I get my static information?

  12. jadie says:

    what if you don’t know your employer’s SSS ID?
    I can’t complete my online registration without it…

    (resigned from work, and could not find any records of my previous employer’s SSS id – all I’ve got is the TIN)

  13. Juno Noveno says:

    This is a very helpful tutorial. Glad to be here, now i know how i can easily get my SSS Static information.