Everything You Need To Know About The SSS Short Term Loan In The Philippines

who are you?

A SSS Salary loan is intended to meet a SSS Member’s short term credit needs. SSS Salary Loan is payable two years with a 10% interest rate for one year. If you’re planning to apply for your very first SSS Salary Loan, you just have to submit the following requirements:

  • You must be employed Member with 36 months posted contributions for one-month loan or 72 months posted contributions for two-month loan. You can also be an employed member currently paying self-employed or voluntary member who already contributed 6 monthly contributions for the last 12 months prior to the month of filing of application.
  • The Member should be updated with regards to his contributions and loan remittances including Pag Ibig Loan. This also applies to your Employer.
  • A member who’s granted their Final Benefit pay (Total Permanent Disability, Retirement and Death) is not eligible to apply for the Short Term Loan.
  • The Member has not been disqualified due to committed against the SSS.
SSS ISL 101 Member Loan Application

The Big Fat Check!

A one-month SSS Salary loan is equal to the average of the Member’s latest 12 monthly credits posted. While a Two Month loan is twice the average of the member’s latest 12 monthly salary credits but this must not exceed P24,000. Nonpayment of loan charges 1% per month. Another thing, SSS charges you a 1% Service fee of the loan amount and also deducted from your check.

The Burden…

Everybody loves receiving money. When I got my first check, I got to smile every time I think of it. Payday arrives and saw my pay slip with deductions from SSS, though it’s not that much. Remember, your SSS Salary loan is payable for two years. If you had a P12,000 loan from them, you have to pay them P500 plus every month. That’s what I’m saying about “The Burden”.

Both SSS Salary loans were payable in two (2) years or 24 equal monthly installments and with an interest rate of 10% per year. First year’s interest is already deducted in advance when you received your check while the second year’s interest is included proportionately in your monthly amortizations/payments. Payments for SSS Salary Loan are made on or before the 10th of the month.

      SSS Salary Loan Payments can be made by the following:


  • Salary Deductions – It is done by your employer before they release your monthly salary. They deduct the payment and they’ll be the one remitting it.
  • Payment through Authorized Banks – this is for the Self Employed or Voluntary Members who availed SSS Salary Loan

When can a member renew a salary loan with the SSS?

The loan may be renewed after the prescribed amortization period of two (2) years. Balance of P500 or less shall be deducted from the proceeds of the new loan.

How Do You Do It?

If you are:

An employed member can  submit an accomplished SSS Form ISL-101 Member Loan Application Revised March 2004 which you can download by clicking this link and present the digitized SSS ID cards or E-6 acknowledgement stub with 2 (2) IDs listed below one of which with recent photo and date of birth.

A self-employed, voluntary member, overseas worker, non-working spouse, farmer or fisher folk and house hold-helper shall submit an accomplished SSS Form ISL-101 and present the digitized ID card or E-6 acknowledgement stub with any two (2) of the following valid IDs, one of which with recent photo and date of birth.

  • Unexpired Driver’s License
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID card
  • Passport
  • Postal ID
  • School or Company ID
  • Tax Identification Number Card (TIN)

After accomplishing every single requirement, you can now head down to the nearest SSS branch or representative office. The SSS Representative/Officer will tell you about the when will you receive your check for you to be able to pick it up (applies only to Self Employed). Employed Members can wait in their office tables because SSS will send your check to your Employer.

Still looking for easier way to apply for SSS Salary Loan? Why don’t you try to Learn How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan Online. I highly recommend applying SSS Salary Loan Online first before doing it manually. Let us know in the comments which way you find more effective.

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46 Responses to Everything You Need To Know About The SSS Short Term Loan In The Philippines

  1. Justine Joy Ganitnit says:

    Ask koh lang poh xe nag loan ang asawa ko ng second loan nia pero ang nakuha lang po nia eh 8900..konte lang po ang tinaas sa first loan nia na 7000..bakit po ganon monthly naman po xa naghuhulog ng sss at bago po xa nagloan tinapos nia po munang bayaran ung first loan nia..

  2. melodie guerta evangelista says:

    good day po,.. ask q lng po, kc aq po ay voluntary member ng sss bali isang hulog nlng po ay pa 36 months q n po.. want q po sana magloan?? eh aq po ay buntis 3 months na po.. pwede po b un na magloan aq?? then magpafile dn po aq ng maternity q..salamat po.

  3. Vicente says:

    Hi, ask lang po, sino po angmagababayad ng penalties incurred in case huminto ng pag dededuct sa sweldo ko ang kumpanya after only 1 year of payment sa salary loan ko. Wala naman akong abiso para ihinto ang pagkaltas sa sweldo ko. At nalaman ko na lang na hininto nila ang pagkaltas ng ako ay pumunta sa isang SSS office para malaman kung pwede ulit akong mag salary loan. Sa ngayon may balanse pa ako sa utang. Salamat po.

  4. grace frialde says:

    ask ko lng po kung kailan ako uli makapag salary loan ?nbayaran ko na yun condonation loan last august 2014 pa. thank you.

  5. Loreza s. Panes says:

    Sir pwede po ba akong humingi ng salary loan status kuh po…

  6. Maifen P. Lamug says:

    how can I apply online loan ?

  7. Danielle Kristine Saguan says:

    Ask ko lang po where ko makukuha po yung check kase hindi pinadala sa site namen ng main office ng company namen yung check most probably daw naibalik na. July 16 pa yun approved. Let me know what to do.

  8. Ben says:

    Hi, i’m confused about the computation you said about the “burden”. Is it different from the interest per year they will charge you (10%) which is approximately 1% per month. If we compute, 12000 x 1% = 120.00. Does that mean you are going to pay 500+ plus the interest(approximately 1% per month)?

  9. MonMon says:

    i applied for salary loan online july 29, it was approved by my employer on july30, encoding date was july31 and shows a check generated status. there is a check date (aug 1) and check # already. how long does it usually take for the check to be delivered to my work address/hr? im from davao city po. is it possible to claim the check from my post office instead? if yes, how long should i wait before i can go to my p.o. thanks

  10. james alexander bueno alonzo says:

    ask ko lang po kung ilang months na at magkano na ang laman ng sss ko tnx

    • Andrea says:

      Hi! You are the only one who can check your contributions. You can check via registering on sss online or ask your company. Don’t give any information to anyone if you want to know your contributions.

  11. dreadnaught says:

    hi po! bali nag loan po ng salary loan at 24 mos. term pero binayaran ko lng with in 12 mos yung loan ko so gayon nag reloan po pero the same amount pa rin po inaprove sa akin. bakit po hindi pwede mag reloan ng mas malaki?

  12. jonard says:

    how long ko po makukuha yung check na niloan ko?ako po yung nagprocess ng loan pero employed po ako,,thanks..

  13. Nerissa santiago says:

    my sister cannot recover her sss number. is there a way to retrieve it? she wants to activate her account and continue her membership what is the procedure for that.

  14. Jean Magdugo says:

    Hi, ask ko lng po kc i will ba rendering LOA without pay, since i have existing loan with SSS can i pay it dirctly with SSS para updated p dn ang payment

    • Ben Daggers says:

      Yes you can do that. Just coordinate first with your HR dept that u will paying your Loan directly to SSS.

  15. angel says:

    My previous employer fullpaid my SSS loan using my backpay. I’m unemployed for almost 2 yrs now, and employed again by my the same company. When can i have a new salary loan again?

  16. hello po ask ko lang po kung ilan months ang babayaran pag pwd ka na magloan? says:

    hello po ask ko lang po kung ilan months ang babayaran pag pwd ka na magloan?

  17. Juliefer says:

    hi! gano po katagal bago mareceive yung loan check? employed po ako, pero kasalukuyang on leave.. thank you po.

  18. jessy says:

    Hi, ask ko lang, my sobra po akong na remit na loan payment sa SSS. pg check ko online, walang naka reflect na overpayment. ano po ba puedi gawin dun sa excess?

  19. becky says:

    My previous employer fullpaid my SSS loan using my backpay. Fullpayment has reflected online however when I tried to apply for another loan online, its giving me an error message saying Application ineligible for the following reason/s:
    * 50% of the Loan Term has not lapsed. should I apply manually?

    • Shawee Ito says:

      hi becky, that error is a system bug of sss. in that case, if u really wanna avail another sss loan. u need to do it manually by filling up the form.

  20. FERN says:

    Hi! I tried the member registration online but it is invalid. it is asking for Receipt/OTC No. which I do not have. I have been paying my contributions online through bancnetonline.com and I am working overseas. Is there any alternative way of registering myself online if I am paying online and I don’t have this OTC No.? Please advise,thanks!

    • Ron Reyes says:

      Try to pay kahit one time lng through SSS desk ussualy sa Embassy meron yan… they will give that number ksma sa receipt. then you can register online.

  21. sandy says:

    I recently file for educ loan last sept 16 and approved naman, but the man said tatawagan ako kung may problem.. ask ko lang kung gano katagal before I recieved the check in case na approved nga?

  22. angelbaclig says:

    Sir how long will i have to wait for my sickness benefit check? the remarks of my claim online says its already claim but i havent received anything yet.
    i filed my claim in sss manila branch beside ymca and they told me i just have to wait for it back home. will it ever make it here or should i go back to to the branch and check again. thank you very much

  23. meriam says:

    tanung q pow panu po b mgng active ang account q s sss …kc s twing aq mg online pra mag inquire nlbas ang nkblocked ang account q po…………..pnu po un anu ggwn q pra mgng active po ul8?????????????????????

    • Mark says:

      Hi Meriam,

      I had the same trouble when I transferred employers. I was blocked/unable to login due to an inactive email.

      What you can do is either get your SSS Information from the SSS office nearest to you, or you can get the SSS employer ID of the previous company and the current one and you have to make sure you have the correct member information.

      Email them with all the information I mentioned stating that you would like to reactivate/ gain access to the account.

      Here’s the Email Address: SSS Member Relations

      Email them these:
      Member Name:
      SSS #:
      Employer SSS # (previous and current)
      Your Date of Birth:

      I hope this helps.

      I learned my lesson to make sure I have it printed and keep it in a folder for ease.


  24. Alice says:

    Pwede na po ba ako magapply ng sss loan? I have been working for almost one year na po at nagcocontribute na po ako sa sss ko po last year. As far as I can remember mga June 26, 2011 pa po un.
    Thanks po….

  25. keira cruz says:

    Hi. I checked my loan status online and pwede na ako for one month salary loan but i can’t apply online because my employer is not registered in SSS website. My employer is remitting my contributions sa Bulacan pero sa Manila ako naka-base. Ask ko lang if sa Bulacan ba dapat ako mag-file ng application or pwede rin dito sa Manila?

    • Carlo says:

      Hello Keira, according to your statement, your employer is not listed in SSS, most probably your contributions has not been remitted. You can avail or file a loan at any SSS Branch as long as you have a valid ID and the proper contributions.

  26. jessa palines says:

    how can i compute for my SSS salary loan?

  27. roselda navarro says:

    nkapag file po ako ng mat2 s sss nung july 4..sbi po kc skin s information n ifollow up ko lng dw po s knila…ask ko lng po kung panu ko ma check through internet kung na approve n?

  28. roselda navarro says:

    ilang days po bago ma approve ang mat2?

  29. Ben Daggers says:

    Yes! allowed ka na po mag avail ng short term loan ng SSS.

  30. Evelyn Solano says:

    morning! ask ko lang po, ever since VM ako but I have 51 months posted contributions, sa ngyon meroon po ako advance contribution for the whole 2012, you think I can avail a loan? dahil gusto ko mag tayo ng small business

    • Edward says:

      of course pwede ka na magapply ng loan sa SSS. Basahin mo ung blog about sa SSS Short Term Loan (which is written above) andun lahat ng kelangan mong malaman.

  31. Chix says:

    Everything You Need To Know About The SSS Short Term Loan In The Philippines

  32. Aaron Mendoza says:

    Thanks for your how to guide for SSS Short Term Loan Application!