How much really is the Postal ID?

When we wrote about a “how to guide” on applying for a Postal ID”, we thought that was the end of it. We never expected that we will receive overwhelming feedbacks about it. We understand that there are a lot of confusion and inconsistencies about the cost of the Postal ID. We realized that we owe the public this article to clear all the unsettled argument.

How much really is the Postal ID?

The turmoil began when several people told us different prices for Postal ID. Claiming that they actually experienced paying a much lower or higher amount (compared to what we have previously written) when they tried to get Postal IDs. You can visit our previous article for a Step-by-step guide on How to apply for a Postal ID. Before heading down to our discussion, I will not include the price of the 2×2 ID Picture that you need to submit. If you’re looking for the complete requirement for Postal ID, you can visit my related article about the requirements of Postal ID. To start of our discussion, we’ll cover the correct amount for Postal ID and the other fees you need to pay and some other related topics you need to know. First off would be the exact price of the Postal ID. To absolutely discuss the price of the Postal ID, we’ll dive and take a look at the very basic requirement when you apply for it. The Postal ID Application Form. By simply examining the application form, you can easily tell how much the postal ID will gonna cost you. As you can see, the Postal ID Application form is composed of three parts. Let’s just call it Parts A, B and C for simplicity. Part A simply carries all the applicant personal information of the applicant of the Postal ID. According to the Official website of Philippine Post and the Postal ID Application form, Postal ID only costs P175.00 only. How much really is the Postal ID? It was clearly stated (without any doubt!) in the Postal ID Application Form. We don’t have any questions with that.

Notary Public & Documentary Stamp Fees

Part B (Statement of Issuing Postmaster) is usually left blank by the applicant. It is left blank because the Postmaster or any authorized personnel of the Post Office will fill this out. If you noticed (at the bottom part), an Official Receipt No. and Date is required to be filled out. That means, a payment should be made amounting to P175.00. How much really is the Postal ID? The last part would be the Supporting Affidavit of Witness. This part must be notarized by a lawyer. It is a public knowledge that Notary Public is not for free, right? Though it has a price tag on it, it is still (I am speaking only for my opinion) affordable. Though it adds up to original amount of the Postal ID of P175. Notary Public fee ranges to P100 to P250. Some wise men out there might argue with me that they can get it at P50 or P80. We’ll, good for you! A colleague of mine told me that he paid P250 for Notarial Services for his Postal ID. Anyway, in my case, we had our notary public for P150. Still on the last part of the application form is the Documentary Stamp. As you all know, Documentary Stamp is a revenue stamps are stamps used to collect taxes and fees. They are issued by governments, national and local, and by official bodies of various kinds. The Documentary stamp is for P20 to P50. Question, why is it that the Documentary stamps is for P20 to P50. To be honest with you, we really don’t know. Some people (including me) said that they paid P50 for documentary stamp. Others said it’s only P20. I think, Postal Offices don’t have a standard amount for Documentary Stamp. Another aspect to consider is the corruption in the Postal Offices. When I applied for my Postal ID, I never saw that Documentary Stamp, Signature and the dry seal of the lawyer in my Application form. The Post Office personnel just asked me to give him P315 and she’ll do the rest for me. Another bonus is, I can get the Postal ID within 20 minutes. Take note, 20 minutes. We’ll I guess that’s what we call red tape. I didn’t complain because I’m in a hurry that day. So I hand my P350, ask for my receipt and went to the nearby canteen and waited. Going back to our discussion, we now have the three (3) components of the Price of the Postal ID. First, the Application fee for P175. Second is the Notary Public that ranges from P100 to P250. And lastly, the Documentary stamp amounting to P20 – P50.

Postal ID & Other Fees Amount
Postal ID Application Fee P175
Notary Public P100 – 200
Documentary Stamps P20 – 50

We will not sum up the total amount of the three since the Notary public and Documentary Stamps varies depending on the Postal Office and your location. But be careful, the maximum and allowable amount of Postal ID that you should be paying is P425. That is P175, P200 and P50. If you were asked to pay more than that, better ask question why the price is so high. Please note that all the prices we have mentioned a while ago will vary depending on the location where you are. This is why we only wrote price ranges for Notary Public and Documentary Stamps. Just to be safe. We highly respect and carefully consider your comments/feedbacks about this article. We encourage you to share your experience on how much did you spent in getting a Postal ID. Just leave a comment below :) A big thank you to all the readers of this blog.

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8 Responses to How much really is the Postal ID?

  1. ramon bulaon says:

    hi gud afternoon po; tanong lang po ano po vah ang requirements pag kukuha ng postal i.d

  2. shebelle says:

    That is why, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”. ‘Di ba? Thanks for this blog.



  4. dickcel says:

    tang ina!! yung sa taytay rizal 580 yung rush tapos 2-5days tapos pinabalik ako in the 5th day! magrereklamo ako. thanks for this info. thanks a lot.

  5. bruno mercado says:

    well my sister got her postal id for P750, i wonder why. she got it in our province pampanga

  6. veronica says:

    i just got my postal ID today. We’ve seen a post there the breakdown of the payments for postal ID and it only costs P270 (which includes 175 for postal id, 70 for picture, and 25 for “compulsory” lamination) but the time we need to pay we we’re shock that it already costs P390 which is in contrast to the publish rate they posted so we got confuse. i honestly want to ask it to before i pay but i wasn’t able to because i am in rush too. while waiting for my ID to release, somebody ask the postal officer “why they do not include in the receipt the entire P390 pesos we paid?” the postal officer cannot explain it the way it is explain here (good thing i was able to read your blog) if there are documentary stamp and notary public why is that it doesn’t appear in the receipt? is it really like that? how do we know where will our money go if we didn’t ask about the P125 difference? anyway, thanks for this. its helpful. :)

    • Eto po ang aking opinion sa questions nyo.

      The reason why wala sa receipt mo ung Notary Public at Doc Stamps dahil po yung NOTARY PUBLIC ay responsibilidad ng Abugado. Meaning, yung lawyer po ang magiisue sayo ng resibo dahil po nag pa notaryo po kayo sa knya. Nag avail ka ng services ng isang lawyer kea dapat ka nyang bigyan ng receipt. Wala po talagang notaryo sa mga Postal Office para sa Postal ID na inaapply natin.

      Yung Doc Stamp, mejo di ako sigurado, pero ang pagkakaalam ko City Hall po ang nag iissue nun. Pwedeng mali ako ha. Di ko sure kung allowed mag issue ang Postal Office ng Doc Stamps.

      Ang tanging laman lamang po ng resibo ng Postal ID ay ang binayaran mo sa application nito. Gaya nga ng sabi mo na 175 for postal id, 70 for picture, and 25 for “compulsory” lamination.

      Ang ginagawa ng mga taga postal office eh “SILA NA DAW” (take note and emphasis on DAW hahaha) ang magaasikaso ng Notary Public at doc stamps. Madalas, hindi na sinasabi ang ganyang kalakaran na sila na ang magaasikaso. Pero kung iisipin mo, at naisip ko din nung nagapply ako:

      1.) Totoo keang nagpanotary public sila at doc stamps?
      2.) Kung Oo, asan ang proof?
      3.) baket wala akong nakita sa postal id application form ko na dry seal at pirma ng abugado? (teka, ikaw ba may nakita? Kung Oo, eh di very good! hehe)

      Yun ung malakeng palaisipan sa akin. At dahil jan, iiwan ko na sayo privilege na sagutin ung tatlong tanong ko. hehe


      Salamat sa feedback mo ha! We really appreciate na may nagbabasa nito. :)

    • princess says:

      Where po kayo nanguha ng postal ID ?
      Kelangan pa ho ba ng birthcertificate?