How I Withdraw My Nuffnang Earnings

Today marks the 380th day for to be a Nuffnang Publisher. And as the time have passed, our little website have accumulated a considerable amount from the past advertisements provided by Nuffnang. Though our Nuffnang earnings moves pretty slow, it took us one year before we decided to withdraw it. Our sweat pays off! A whapping five digit accumulated revenue from Nuffnang earned good for one year.

How I Withdraw my Nuffnang Earnings

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Eight months ago, when our Nuffnang earnings reached the P2,000 Nuffnang Earnings threshold, (honestly) we just ignored it. We were not excited at all. We didn’t pay any attention at this and had no plans on withdrawing our Nuffnang earnings at that moment. We said that it was too early that time to have that small amount, let it grow for the mean time. We felt that it was too small for us to celebrate our hard work. Let it stay there for quite some time. It was our long term goal is to “rob” Nuffnang with a P100K revenue from them. But we all know that was hard to reach.

Then  there comes the regular financial crisis. It hit every one of us. It took us few minutes to decide that we should pull the trigger on our Nuffnang Earnings.

Everyone agreed to pocket each and everyone’s share. So here we are now, talking about how we withdraw our Nuffnang Earnings.

How I withdraw that Nuffnang Earnings

The method on withdrawing our nuffnang earnings isn’t rocket science. It’s also not some wildly colorful secret that you’ve not been told. It is one thing though, and I’d like to share it with you.

What will happen here is (first) you open your Nuffnang Account. On your dashboard, click on the Earnings. It will display all the advertiser loaded by Nuffnang to your account. You can also see how much you earned on each Advertiser.

Once you’ve reached the Nuffnang Earnings Threshold, a button Cash Out will appear at the bottom of the Earnings page. Click on it.

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Now, this is the part where you write the Payee Name (which is you, the owner of Nuffnang Account), your address and your Postal/Zip Code. The purspose of this (I guess) is by default, Nuffnang will send your Nuffnang Earnings Cheque through snail mail. We abide that, I (as the owner of Nuffnang Account) carefully filled up what the required fields needed. But there’s a work around for that, I don’t want my Nuffnang Earnings to be mailed to me. It’s too risky and I have no trust on Postal Service System of our country. I’ve been hearing stories how the Postal Office Personnel intentionally opened their mails or packages and steal anything valuable.

Anyway, I’ll discuss more of this as we move along.

How I Withdraw my Nuffnang Earnings - Image Two

After complete the process in Nuffnang website. I opened my twitter account and send a tweet to Nuffang Philippines and ask:

Is it possible to have my Nuffnang earnings to be deposited in my Bank?

I waited for a few minutes and they replied to my tweet and said:

Yes, please send an email to [email protected] with your bank details.

I instantly composed an email to my outlook stating all my Bank details and sent it right away. I received a confirmation email from Same Plotado (Nuffnang Accounting Personnel) confirming that she received my email and take note of the bank details. My Nuffnang earnings will be available after thirty (30) days and be deposited in my personal Bank Account.

How I Withdraw my Nuffnang Earnings - Image Three

It was my weekly tradition to check my BPI Express Online account, and after almost a month of waiting, a wild Cheque deposit appears on the list of my transaction (See Image Below). It was a Local Cheque Deposit with a description of “Bonifacio High Street Express”. Knowing that the Nuffnang Philippines Headquarters is in Global City Taguig and Bonifacio High Street is just a few steps away, I am really sure that that cheque deposit came from Nuffnang. Consider also the amount, it’s almost the same after deducting the bank charges.

How I Withdraw my Nuffnang Earnings - Image Four

I never contacted Nuffnang again to confirm if that was my Nuffnang Earnings because I am 100% sure already. You can also view your Nuffnang Dasboard (under Earnings page), you can see there if it’s still in “Unpaid” or “Paid” status.

Well guys, I hope you learned on this very simple and common sense tutorial. Thank you and have a great day ahead! :)

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    I would like to use Nuffnang to my blog but is it okay to use it together with adsense?

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  3. Judith says:

    wow, you have huge earnings! :)

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    wow, is that your earnings? me? i only have P85 ://