How Do You Define Genius?

Let’s be honest, I know many of us is taking in to consideration the idea of buying a new sleek designed smart phone recently out in the market. Smartphones are really common these days. You can line up a very long list of choices before you settle down with “The One”. In my case, with a very tight budget and a very perfectionist eye on gadgets, I always find myself having a hard time on choosing which is which. And it’s a fact that Smartphones don’t come in cheap price tags. And picking the wrong ones will really hurt our budget. I learned a lot from the past, and I must say that “Experience taught me well!”. This is why when I buy a new Smartphone, I don’t just settle with “Smart”, I go for “Genius”.

I’m a gadget enthusiast, photoshop fan, social networking bum, movie freak, hard core gamer and a true blooded music lover. With my requirements and a very high standards, I’m in a huge dilemma to find a smartphone that matches my outstanding needs all packed in one box.

With the aim of providing the best smartphone that will bring a great change on the user’s perception of the old fashioned mobile phones, LG introduced to the craving public it’s new LG Optimus 2x Genius Phone. I’m positively sure when I said it’s “Genius”. It’s true that it comes with a very loud package to say that it’s genius. Before you run to the nearest mall to grab the latest smartphone without knowing anything about it, think again. Let me break it down to you into pieces to explain how genius LG Optimus 2x is!

NVIDIA Tegra 2

The most significant feature of LG Optimus 2x is the integration with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core  Processor which can be described as the latest addition to the family of high performing processors. It also earned the authorities’ blessing as the Consumer’s Best Choice and aiming to power the majority share of next generation’s smartphone. As the worldwide leader in handset manufacturers, LG was the first to adopt the new breed of powerful processor. I’m sure that anyone who wishes to experience the new meaning of speed will be captivated with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core’s achievement.

Android Froyo 2.2

So, what do we do now with our efficient and powerful processor? We incorporate it with a trusted and stable operating system. Android Froyo 2.2. Bundled with useful features that will bring comfort to the users, this mobile platform is the perfect mobile operating system for a genius phone! This will allow smartphone users to easily configure more widgets, access their emails, watch their favorite TV Series during lunch breaks and surf the world wide web with a few touch of the screen! And of course, “Like” and “Tweet” will never be left behind, right?

We never get satisfied with what we have. That’s why LG never hold us back for new innovations. They have seen the success of Froyo through speed that’s why they’re bringing us the Gingerbread Upgradable Feature. Makers of Froyo and Gingerbread (Google) promised the mass market to bring Gingerbread as the the fastest mobile Operating System that will fully satisfy every smartphone users needs. And that’s how LG say Generosity!

8mb Megapixel Camera

There’s always a photographer in all of us. We all know that. We’re fond of taking stills of every thing that we do, on what we eat or where we went last long weekend. We’re all guilty of that. And to answer to that need, LG Optimus 2x pride oneself by bringing the 8mb Megapixel Camera which can produce high quality photos. Thanks to the integrated LED flash, you will not worry about having difficulties with brightness. So skip your bulky and heavy Digital SLR Cameras wrap around your necks while walking in the mall, you can now have your still cameras right in your pockets.

I can say that LG Optimus 2x will probably cater to my great needs, as well as yours! And if someone ask you, “So, how do you define a Genius Phone?” Just mention LG Optimus 2x and say out loud, “It is Genius indeed!”

“Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information!”

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