Hide The Nuffnang Logo in WordPress or Blogger

I know. I Know. I Know. You’re here because you want to hide the hideous Nuffnang Logo.

I really hate those little Nuffnang Logo displayed in every blogs or website I visit. And as the newest addition to the “Team”, I was assigned the “Hide Every Shitty Stuff That You See” task.

The instructions are very simple, remove unnecessary details in the website. Remove Nuffnang Logo in the website and leave the Sidebar Nuffnang Logo alone. That Sidebar Nuffnang Logo proves that we’re a member of the Nuffnang Community. Because of that sidebar Nuffnang Logo, we  pay our respect and thank them for what we earn. One Nuffnang Logo out of Three, not bad at all.

Hide The Nuffnang Logo in WordPress or Blogger

Hiding the Nuffnang Logo task is a no sweat task for me. Without any fuzzy buzzy and Without any further adieu… Let’s do this together!

To Hide Nuffnang Logo in WordPress.org:

Just copy and paste the code in your style.css:

#nnadsfoot img {display: none;}

Save it and refresh your website and notice your nuffnang logo is gone.

To Hide Nuffnang Logo in Blogger:

Find first this code:

Then paste this code:

#nnadsfoot img {display: none;}

Right before

We’re done hiding those Nuffnang Logo. Watch out for my next blog which is all about Hiding the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Widget. See you next time!

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Bryce Zapanta

is a graphic designer in a small sized printing company. He specializes on drawing caricatures for their client. He also works on the different layouts of greeting cards especially on weddings invitations (his favorite and area of expertise). During weekends, Bryce enjoys to spends his time going out of town and taking pictures of old houses and any wood carvings that fascinates him.

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One Response to Hide The Nuffnang Logo in WordPress or Blogger

  1. Howie says:

    hanks for the tutorial on how to hide the nuffnang logo in my blog. very comprehensive!

    the logo looks disgusting, right?!