by Jomille Mendador • October 3, 2012 • Filed Under Essay

I was drowning in a vast of ocean water. I have always been afraid of open water and that’s the reason why I never learned how to swim. I’m anxious of riding boats. And now I’m left to drown. I can’t remember who had brought…

The Light Six Feet Under

by Jomille Mendador • September 26, 2012 • Filed Under Essay

In death, all things become clear, the shadow thought as it struggled for the throbbing pain slowly reacting in its burning flesh. Tomorrow would be just an ordinary day. And the past is all it will have up to this moment. The shadow slowly knelt…

Viva Las Vegas!

by Arms Dealer FTW • June 2, 2012 • Filed Under Essay

Ilang araw nalang at malapit na magsara ang klase nung mga araw na yun. Second semester na at ramdam na ramdam na ng lahat ang pagwawala ng haring araw. Nagsimula na talaga ang tag init. Kagaya ng nakaugalian, kelangan pa ring gumising ng maaga para…