Job Interview

Ten Rules for a Successful Job Interview

by Arms Dealer FTW • November 13, 2013 • Filed Under Successful Job Interviews

I was a fresh graduate from college and just starting to build my own career. Because I’m eager to land on my first job, my appointments for job applications and interviews are lined up everyday. I am one of millions of unemployed fresh graduate hoping…

Unmasking the Taken for Granted Job Interview Question “Do You Have Any Questions?”

by Ben Daggers • May 24, 2012 • Filed Under Do you have any questions?

Although you did well at the entire Job Interview session, you don’t want to miss the very last chance to make yourself stand out and show your potential employer how awesome you are. As I was saying, prospective employers frequently ask the same old “Do…

Survive the 15 Possible Job Interview Killer Questions

by Nico Robin Salazar • January 23, 2012 • Filed Under Job Interview Questions

Many of us have done worst at our Job Interview. Most of the time, we we’re asked by the interviewer with a very common job interview question that unfortunately, we’re not familiar. And since we are unfamiliar on how to answer those job interview questions,…