Postal ID

What Are The Postal ID Requirements?

by Ben Daggers • January 23, 2015 • Filed Under Postal ID Postal ID Requirements

Are you trying to apply for a Postal ID? Postal ID is one of the several government Valid IDs that are recognized by the majority of the establishments in the country. Postal ID is used to easily verify the owner's identity as well as the…

How much really is the Postal ID?

by Bryce Zapanta • May 3, 2013 • Filed Under Postal ID Postal ID Price

When we wrote about a “how to guide” on applying for a Postal ID”, we thought that was the end of it. We never expected that we will receive overwhelming feedbacks about it. We understand that there are a lot of confusion and inconsistencies about…

Quick Way To Have your Postal ID: A Step by Step Guide On Your Journey For Postal ID Application

by Bryce Zapanta • February 23, 2012 • Filed Under Postal ID Postal ID Application

Instead of sitting around at home and do nothing while having my five days vacation leave, I decided to get my very first postal ID. I really wanted to open a bank account to save up but unfortunately, the bank requires two valid IDs. The…