Add A Dynamic Back To Top Button in WordPress

When your published blog is too long and readers need to scroll up to go back at the top of the page, chances are, they get easily irritated by running down the scroll bars for too long. Simple jQuery script can easily solve this problem. Simply add to your WordPress blog a dynamic to top button. As what the button name is called, it is a simple button which moves the page all the way to the top.

We will take a good look at the two methods of how to implement a dynamic to button. On the Intermediate level, we’ll add the dynamic to top button from scratch by working with jQuery And CSS. While on the last part of this tutorial, I’ll point out one of the most effective dynamic to top plug ins in WordPress.

This Dynamic to top button tutorial is powered by jQuery to do its assigned chores.

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Back to Top

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#BackToTop {
border:1px solid #ccc;

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