7 Basic Money Saving Tips When You Shop Online

As our way of life grew and new methods of eCommerce emerged from the typical crowded physical store, retailers paved their own ways into the Internet for the convenience of the consumers. Some people don’t really like shopping online because of the extra charges they are spending or maybe entrusting their credit cards. Some consumers prefer the old and conventional way of shopping but the era of online shoppers are coming in fast. Saving money online can be easier than you think and I’m glad to share my tips on this topic. Here are my top seven basic money saving tips when I make my purchase online.

The Power of Promo Codes

7 Basic Money Saving Tips When You Shop Online Have you tried using a Promo Code before you press that Check out button? Promo codes can get you large discounts when you purchase online. Looking for the “right” code is not a treasure hunt, you can do a quick search in your favorite search engine and type in the name of the retailer and just add ‘promo code’ for example, Nordstrom Promo Code. Your search engine will display tons of websites dedicated to help you get discounts on your favorite online retailers. My practice whenever I shop in Nordstrom is I open 3 to 5 websites that can give me the best Nordstrom discount codes before heading down to the payment page of my shopping list.

Be Patient

girl sitting on a park bench and writes text message Sometimes, promo codes aren’t just enough. Just recently, when I tried searching for a Nordstrom promo code, there are several times that I cancelled my purchase online because I can’t find the best Nordstrom promo codes that can give me a huge discount. But be patient my little one, if you’re buying an item that’s not really important and can be postponed. Then you should do so. Just put it in your shopping cart and leave it for a while. Usually, promotional codes expires in a week or a month and it will be replaced by new batch of promo codes. Maybe this time, a larger discount will be given by your favorite retail stores to their valued customers.

Follow your favorite Retailers

7 Basic Money Saving Tips When You Shop Online Not literally follow them around! I mean, follow them in different social media platforms. Retailers nowadays have their own official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and I bet you, they love connecting with their patrons. One benefit of following them is you can easily be updated whenever they release new items, upcoming Sale or other events that you might be interested in. My personal experience was when Nordstrom just gave away a 35% Nordstrom discount code for all its Facebook followers.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

7 Basic Money Saving Tips When You Shop Online OK Dear, so you’re favorite Retail Store doesn’t have a promo code just like Nordstrom Promo Codes that I’ve mentioned. So ask for one! Just send them a tweet or a message in their social media accounts. There’s no harm in trying right?

Check Various Websites

7 Basic Money Saving Tips When You Shop Online If you are looking for the best deal offered, this means you are a serious buyer. Take some time and do a little research on the item that you want to purchase. If you’re buying a black suit for your upcoming wedding, do a scouting first on different famous websites. Again, search engines will come in handy. There are tens of thousands of online store that offer the same product at a different price. A Suit made by designer John Doe with a price tag of $1500 in Store A is much cheaper in Store B by $150 is a game changer, right?

Visit a Rebate Site

7 Basic Money Saving Tips When You Shop Online Things method is not well-known to most of the online shoppers but did you know that an online shopper can save money as much as 2 to 20% cash back on all the purchases made if he/she visited the merchant site through a rebate website? Search for a reliable rebate sites and save on your next purchase.

Take Advantage of your Credit Card

7 Basic Money Saving Tips When You Shop Online - Image 6 Take advantage of the reward points offered by your credit card. Some credit cards offers reward points whenever you use them in every purchase. Just like my credit card, whenever I purchase online, it gives me 10 rewards point for every dollar that I purchase. The good thing about rewards points is it accumulates and can redeemed an item provided by your Credit Card. Whether, a free Starbucks coffee or Gift Certificate from a local store.

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