100 Amazing and Adorable Photos of Danbo – The Amazon.co.jp Robot

As I surf the internet in the office (which I normally do), I happen to stumble to this interesting image by an adorable robot. I was instantly interested with the idea of taking photos of it in different settings. The name of the robot is “Danbo” that came from “Danboard”. It was commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko (which is evidenced by a trademark of Amazon.co.jp in the upper left head of the robot). It was part of Amazon.co.jp’s marketing strategy. Popularity of Danbo grew exponentially after they released it to the public. Adorable Danbo is quite popular not only to it’s fans but also with the playful and creative minds of the photographers.

And since I was so interested to have one and was so eager to get my hands to this, I instantly redirected my browser to Amazon.com to find the price of Danbo Robot action figure. Typing in the Danbo Robot Action Figure, the search engine returned two types of Danbo Robot which are the Revoltech Danboard Action Figure (plain and without the Amazon.co.jp emblem) and the Revoltech Danboard Action Figure Amazon.co.jp Box version. Both cost $59.99. Unfortunately, this is way too expensive for me since this is just a hobby. But anyway, to quench the heat and the frustration to use my credit card again, I’ve just decided to round up millions of thousands  of Danbo wallpapers and images. Joking.

Danbo Showe (uncensored)

Disclaimer: Before I move on to my showcase of Danbo Robot photos, I would like to pay credits to the photographers who did those amazing photos. Unfortunately, I can’t put their name, links or their whereabouts because I only saw these wallpapers in WallPapersWide.com and ThePaperWall.com. All I can do is to send my readers back to those websites to download the wallpaper. To set things clear, I do not own the images and I do not intend to steal or commit copyright infringement.

Enjoy the amazing and adorable photos of Danbo! : )

Danbo and Hello Kitty

Danbo and The Canon SLR Camera

Danbo and The Turtle Ride

Danbo - Appreciating beauty

Danbo with a Flower Hat

Danbo - Balloon

Danbo - Strolling

A Flower From Danbo

Danbo Misses Danbo

Danbo - Lost in the City

Danbo - Old Camera

Danbo with Teddy

Danbo - Street Light

Danbo - Bubbles

Danbo - Grass

Danbo and Big Teddy

Danbo lost in the woods

Danbo - Sewer

Danbo and the Monsters

Danbo - Flowers

Danbo - Mini Me

Danbo takes Photograhy Seriously

Danbo - Lying around

Undead Danbo

Danbo - Hide behind the tree

Danbo playing soccer

Danbo - Frown

Danbo - over the rock

Danbo - Glowing Eyes

Danbo inside the cup

Danbo in the Sugar Stairs

Danbo playing with fireworks

Danbo - Fire

Danbo - Walking

Danbo Versus The Ginger Bread

Danbo - Align

Danbo - Mountain to high

Danbo - Waiting in Vain

Danbo - Guitar

Danbo - over the branch of a tree

Danbo the snow man

Danbo - Game consoles

Danbo - window

Danbo - flowers

Danbo - bright

Danbo - Tissue paper

Help someone Danbo!

Danbo playing with bubbles

Danbo wants ice cream

Danbo is lost

Danbo and another robot

Danbo guitar 2

Danbo - Sleep tight

Danbo and the Storm Troopers

Plain Danbo

Danbo - Raining

Danbo playing with a matchbox

Danbo - Winnie d Pooh Cup

Danbo crossing Pedestrian lanes

Danbo chained

Danbo taking a shower (censored)

Danbo giving you a flower

Danbo in the railroad

Danbo - drowned

Danbo - Unknown

Danbo playing video games

Danbo fallen leaf

danbo strolling in the snow

Danbo in the high rise window

Danbo window reflection

Danbo wants to sleep without the other monsters

Danbo in the garden

Danbo wants a hug

Danbo and little Danbo

Danbo after the shower

Danbo: Just came out of the toilet

Danbo - Frown 2

Danbo in the drinking fountain

Danbo - Wet floor

Danbo chasing the dream

Danbo with glowing eyes 2

Danbo frown 3

Danbo with the veggies

Danbo Is Scared By So Much Snow

Blue Window and Danbo

The Danboards Sneak Out

Danbo Discovering Snow

Danbo And Zen Pebbles

Danbo & Bee

Danbo and little Danbo have to do a task in pink tootoo's. TeeHee!!

Danbo Halloween

Spring Danbo

Danbo Spring Time

Danbo in Formentor

Cute Danbo

Little Danbo


Danbo In A Nest

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